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Lament Of A Dog

I know that I was a dog when I was born
Now I do not know what I have become
Man in his insanity to create
Have gone about me to remake
First he would not have me see a second generation
So it was to the vet for sterilization
For he would not have me pass on my genes
Lest my off springs behave like his wayward teens
To the store I am brought and bought doggy clothes
I did not know I had anything I need to fear being exposed
Then he went about to change my character
That I am a dog first and foremost did not factor
When I would like to be outside running wild
I am locked in a house as a companion for his child
So I grow lazy and fat
Punishment lay in store if for fun I dare look at the cat
Imagine me a dog expected to sit and watch television
And to show excitement and appreciation
Where there is deficient love and devotion
I the dog am recipient of those emotions
Now I am no longer a dog
I have become a member of the family
What I have become I really hate
I wish man would my doghood reinstate
For I must do the things man think a dog enjoy
When rather I would do what makes a dog doggone happy
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012

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Comments (4)

I was thinking what a happy dog would write. I rolled around in my own feces, my master didn't care, he didn't mind the piles of shed doggy hair or the bite marks I put into his chair, he found it free anyways sitting on the corner for pickup. I get to run free every day and impregnant lots of neighbor dogs. I really love it here, but before I got outside running, I'll get my master another can of beer!rolling on the floor laughing dancing dog chicken
I find your comments very funny. My challenge to you is to complete the lines and we will have a happy dog's version of the whole thing.
it's funny even dogs were conditioned by men, but cats still have their independence
It is even funnier that men are compared to dogs and females to cats. Could it be one is more useful than the other? beer
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