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True To His Nature

Traitor could you not me betray
For once not carry sway
Could you not reject and not relish
That serving of your favorite dish
With joy and pride you did swell
Your character is known all too well
Taking joy in forbidden delights
Knowing well it was not right
Displaying weakness by being strong
Going where you know you belong
With joy and ecstasy to you submit
Taking to mountains without summit
So you rose big and tall
Instead of remaining weak and small
Resist no way could you a serving
Delights that you are not deserving
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2012

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Comments (10)

The content is so different from the title. A mountain without a summit, Olympus Mons comes to mind. I have only been up one and that was just over 1,000 feet by Phoenix, Arizona. The whole city is surrounded by them.dancing
My problem was coming up with aquick title at the time so i Just wrote one . thanks a lot for your comment. see i have changed the title.
you write very well,do not think I have read one of your poems before but will keep an eye out 4 you now....elo...wave
Really enjoyed reading this,
Very enjoyable read Ty for sharing prenge.angel applause cheering angel :
Lovely poem really enjoyed this one bro.cheers
sometimes I wonder if I should qiut poets corner but with great guys like you around, how can I?
thanks for youe encouragement.
I am humbled that you took time out to read. Thanks.
Always great to hear from someone with a common link. Thanks.
There are some persons that if they do not comment then the poem was not worth posting. Thanks for your comment.
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