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Single still and many wonder why
Should be able to find a wife if I try
Possessing all the qualities it will take
A good husband to make

I have seen so many weep
Because they did not look before they leap
Not taking time enough before sealing their fate
Or really getting to know the one with whom they mate

I have no cupboard so I have nothing to hide
And females love to be told lies
It's ok if later there are regrets
That at first the truth was stretched

But I believe in telling the truth
That is why I am oft forsook
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2012
About this poem:
Ok so I wrote this because a female asked me to be totally truthful and then she laughed at me because I had nothing to hide.
Truth this has always been one of my problem with females they don't like to hear the truth.

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Comments (2)

Oh brother ! So very very true ,truth is boring ..if you are a royal blood of the 16th in line of the throne and lives a common flat but in disguise of her majesty secret agent then women (most) would flock to your side .
Thanks heart wings
Thanks for taking the time out to read.
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