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In Memory of the Nurses in Wartime

They attended the same school in Brooklyn,
always kept to themselves as a rule.
Like three peas in a pod,they all seemed alike,
didn't go with the flow,just to seem cool.

Most nights you could find them together,
on the roof of their tenement house.
All dressed the same in their navy blue slacks
with a bright crimson ribbon pinned to their blouse.

When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour,
they enlisted and entered the fray.
Caring for soldiers ,attending their wounds,
surrounded by horrible scenes ev'ry day.

It wasn't just men who gave up their lives
for the freedoms that we now enjoy.
Those three girls and more,died on tropical shores,
here's remem'bring the young girls,who took care of the boys.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
Throuhout history it is always the young men in wars that are remembered for their bravery.There were others just as valiant that deserve praise as well.

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