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Maw & Paw.........episode V

Paws' eyes looked like marbles
as he laid there petrified.
He felt Maw knawing on his ear
her tongue tip poked inside.
Her sweet embrace was wonderful
as far as Paw could tell.
Then the mood was ruined
by that dreadful howl from hell !

Paw grabbed his britches from the chair
and scurried to the door.
Never had that howl been heard
on Yippin Holler Hill before!
Paw raced outside and glanced around,
Maw clinging to his arm.
The howl was coming from the pen
from out behind the barn.

The pig pen was in shambles
every Sows' hoofs in the air!
The hog was on a little fox
howling in despair.
Paw looked stunned.Maw tried to speak
betwixt her smokers cough,
"He's eaten your Viagra,
I threw them in their trough."

"That wasn't mine," said Paw to Maw,
"I picked that up last week.
A weddin' gift for Monday next
for Jinnies' cousin Zeek.
I'm not needin' that just yet,"
Paw kissed Maw on the cheek,
"My libidos' A-OK,It's just my knee that's weak !"
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2012
About this poem:
The adventure continues

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Comments (2)

laugh laugh Very funny story Dearest Snowytop, where are you gone sir? I'm missing your humour and fun. I tried to mail you but couldn't! sigh

purple heart purple heart
Hello Ladybee:
I've just come home once more after having heart attack #6
It kept me in the hospital for a short stay ,but my doctor has me up and running again, Though it be somewhat slower.Hee Hee !
Doc thinks I'm realated to a cat,seems to think I have at least 3 more heart attacks left in me.
Thank you for making me feel missed.
My sense of humour is still intact, teddybear
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