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Special poem for ALL poets at PC . Part 2.

It is too easy to write about the birds and bees,
Of moon kiss sunlight seen on planet Earth,
Of nature and the four seasons,
And love or hate with boys and girls,
Dont forget mum,dad,brothers and sisters,
With extended families too many..
The list goes on ...
Of people,places and feelings,
Even science has not been spared,
With rhymes and their meaning,
Describing in every possible way,
That is the power of poetry at play.
Not much humour in most I would say,
And sometimes the odd ones I Dont comprehend,
Where does the magic lies?
Within the realms of every imaginative mind,
Where fantasy colours our stressful lives,
We share,cry and laugh too,
In kindred Spirit of passionate souls,
A boost of happiness and joyful pride,
When hearing praises from strangers and friends.

Oh by the way.
If you are reading this ugly poem,
Would seem to know that it does not rhyme,
Or have pattern mer rhythm of any kind,
Free verse is what it is commonly called,
Works for me is what i'll say,
And since we are always being nice,
How about some negative comments to boot!
Dont worry I am not fragile to break,
Made of stronger stuff of the highest grade,
This is my poem about poems and poets,
Hope I am not boring you with this again...,
The end is near just bear a minute,
A gigantic THANK YOU I wish to give,
For without this place ..we would not have met,
And shared our wonderful and gifted words of art!
Adieu and Bitte schon from me to you ,
You can relax now coz this is the End.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2012

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Comments (13)

We make poems about our lives ,thoughts and emotions but not of this wonderful site is is like a second skin for me coz I am very happy when I write and more so when I share ...Dont know if the opertor watching ...if so a HUGE thanks for this ...And this is the main reason I keep coming Back ...last and from deepdown my heart and soul all poets ...I LOVE YOU GUYS !!!
smitten love tongue
Thank you Danesh... you bring colour and life into this little corner of refuge from the sharp claws of reality... cheers yay
Hi morgen

I think one of the key factors regarding Poetry Corner is never to take it too seriously, otherwise it can start taking over ones life.

There are those with an axe to grind who thrive on discord, but most of us can deal with the occasional spat (which does happen from time to time, emotions can run high!) and get over it. Others, sadly, can never let anything go, or any sleeping dog lie. That's the negatives out of the way - the positives are that this is a great site for expression and creativity.

The various styles are all part of life's rich tapestry, and prevent all the poetry being much of a sameness. What we all have to remember is this site is open to writers of all abilities, all have a tale to tell, whether or not the spelling, grammar or any other aspect of poetry/writing is good, bad or indifferent.

So quit knocking yourself and write whenever the muse endows you with anything you wish to share with others here on The Corner.


Bill wine wine
Selamat Koru san Kathy , i'm happy to be here among stars . peace
Thank YOU so much Bill , you are as wise as you are nice and a real gentleman.
This is, poetry, to me.
Morgen - speaking from your heart is always poetic

thumbs up purple heart purple heart
Thanks for the confidence comment Ondos.peace
Ladybee ,my heartfelt thanks .heart wings
I like freestyle poetry too Morgen, thanks for sharing your poem with us poets
I feel a bit like urself, writing in whatever style is a releasent for me to, n' you always give a piece of oneself too.
best wishes ,
Ganonorf thanks for your support and words.
KG ...thanks bro
Like your stuffs too.
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