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Centre of Memory

Tata Rolihlahla Nelson Mandela
July 18, 1918 - December 5, 2013

given a life of promise
turning it into service
to fight for justice

given a lawyer’s education
turning into a warrior
to fight injustice

given a prison sentence
turning it into freedom
to fight ignorance

given a number 466/64
turning it into a legacy
to fight disease

given a name “troublemaker”
turning its meaning to honour
to fight dishonour

given a strong voice
turning its words into salvation
to heal a country of its wounds

given a name “Tata”
turning its love into service
to fight for the human family.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jul 2013
About this poem:
on International Nelson Mandela Day
in honour and celebration of Madiba's 95th birthday
his and Graca Machel's 15th wedding anniversary

December 5, 2013:
Though his body now rests in peace, may the example of his life and his ever-present spirit continue to inspire and guide us to justice for all.

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Comments (17)

A great piece of work my friend, well worth the read....Thank you...Hope you are well and good....Andrew...xxxcool
Yes, I agree with Andrew (hey Andrew wave)
great write Joy..
ty for this, it's powerfully stated gift

This man has a way of turning pretty much anything into gold, and somehow communicates we can do the same, if we want to
Hi gnj4u

This is a wonderful tribute to Tata. Again, you invest so much of your own humanitarianism in penning this superbly written poem marking the great man's 95th birthday.

Kindest regards

Bill wine
love you did him proud thumbs up , this is just lovelyteddybear
Lovely write Gnj.What a fitting tribute to a great man who will forever be written in history's book.
Thank you for sharing another one of your smart, yet deep writes. I enjoyed reading from you. Take care. Blessings! bouquet
given a name “Tata”
turning its love into service
to fight for the human family.

Wonderful tribute to a great man. thumbs up purple heart bouquet
Hello, I endorse all the caring remarks made here, what the world needs is more poets and less politicians. Phil.
Hi, andrew149, beautifulyou, Fellsman, ladyjewel, Poetnumber1, Dejavu4u, Odette67, and reguiny2006,
Although there is still so much to be concerned about in this world, one cannot help but be inspired and uplifted by one who has managed to do so much good in this world. A warrior when one was required and a conciliator when one was needed, with love and justice as guiding beacons. As beautifulyou stated, he "has a way of turning pretty much anything into gold, and somehow communicates we can do the same, if we want to".

That you find my heartfelt offering one that honors him, I am most pleased. My sincerest thanks to each of you for reading and taking the time to comment. Your continued support of my work, as well as the works of countless other Poet's Corner poets, is much appreciated. In concert with reguiny2006 sentiments, I offer that the world could use more politicians/ diplomats with poetry in their souls.
Joy what a fine tribute and beautifully penned teddybear bouquet hug kiss wine
Hi, shadow1950,
Thank you for taking the time to read and leave such a supportive comment. It is greatly appreciated.
gnj4u thank you as always for your beautiful artistry thank is your poems. I appreciate them and am sorry i have not left comments for all i have read. May God continue to inspire you my friend. Have a blessed day. cheers wow
Hi, adjhe,
I write quite a lot of poems (too many some say) about things that increase happiness or move me to tears about the lives of others and/or impact my own life. Sharing them remains the difficult part. Fortunately, someone (who has never heard any of my poems) I met at the MA Poetry Festival in May lives in my neighborhood has invited me to join a Writers' Group (that needs a critical mass of members) that is to begin in the fall. Hopefully, that will provide the constructive-criticism support needed to improve. I thank you for your good wishes and for taking the time to read and leave such a lovely comment. May you have a blessed day, as well.
This is wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing. Yes, some have fought for the human family, some still do. Too few. But I can't point finger as I myself rather hide than fight too roll eyes
Goodness ,, how did I miss this treasure from you gnj4u ..
Suberb writing as always from you
and what a moving tribute to such an incredible man ..
Thankyou so much for posting this --I hope all is well with you -warm regards as always -F hug
Yankee4youonline today!
a great milestone for a world class leader....wonderful tribute!1wine
Just spotted this about the great man. We have had no news about his condition for a long time now. THE WORLD watches and waits.
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