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Corner Poem

Words succinctly remind us tonight
it is, after all, a no-cost dating site
no more, and certainly, no less
on this defense my argument will rest.

This much, too, I must, dutifully, confess
It is not Forums, nor Blogs to address
nor Videos viewed, nor Games played
not Flowerbox planted nor Photos displayed

nor eCards or Mailbox to receive or to send
or Polls to take or Groups to jump in
No Articles of import inserted to share
nor Online Now to see who is there.

Not one of the Tags, colored, small, large
that shout how different or alike we each are
Nor a post or review of one’s favorite CD
Music categorized for enjoyment by you, by me.

Nor one of the 248 pages of Movies, so far, shared
to see what others watch and get to know who cared.
Nor your favorite Books list complete with fans
where The Secret reigns, so at the top it lands.

But rather Poetry, a corner where poets reside
to share with the reader what lives and dies inside
that pours onto paper from the sweat of the pen
risks being judged “mediocre”, beginning to end

thoughts, hopes, ideas, what appears in vivid dreams
captured in rhyming or un-rhyming verse that streams
byte-by-byte through the internet ether, with hope on wing
to resonate, a tear or smile to each reader might bring.

As words succinctly remind us tonight
we’re connected through this no-cost site
so, by now you can, in good humor, guess,
my “mediocre” poem finds a quiet place to rest.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2013
About this poem:
Inspired by Macduff5's "No Birds Sing"

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Comments (18)

My dear lady hug As I'm sure everyone here will attest, this is hardly "mediocre." You penned a superb poem here! wine rose And I agree with you 100% that this Poetry Corner is the place to be for a genuine connection with true hearts. Thank you for this outstanding write.
It's evident you put your heart and soul into this one. hug thumbs up rose rose teddybear
Dear gnj4u

There is nothing mediocre in this erudite excursion through the pros and cons of Connecting Singles. I guess there are few on this site who do NOT enjoy reading your insightful thoughts and opinions.

Splendid rhyming...

Kindest regards

Bill rose
Hi Gnj,

Well I've achieved something. I've inspired you. You know I wrote a completely mediocre "whacko" poem a long time back and you were the only one brave enough to comment. That my dear lady was a connection. If I don't get around to all of yours forgive me. I hope things are well for you. wine bouquet
Joy Hi a well thought out and balanced poem that is a joy to read
teddybear bouquet hug kiss wine
it touches my heart and soul
coz this is where i call home
and you are my family also
from me,you and everyone too
Dear Joy...mediocre is the last thing to come to mind when it comes to your poems... wine
This is such a lovely play with the parts of this siteapplause
And i agree the poets corner is the most peaceful and beautiful part,
It feels like home to me toohug bouquet bouquet
Hi, Jyonnah, Although I don't share much of what I write, I am happy to have a safe and supportive place to share when I do. Thank you for your generous comment. Hi, Fellsman, When I comment on others' poems, I share how their write touched me as a Reader, hopefully, providing the Poet with feedback on a poem's intent versus its result. I appreciate the same. Thank you for your continued support and kind comment. Happy that you appreciated the rhyming! Hi, Macduff5, A poet only knows the impact of a poem by each Reader's reaction. Thank you for the inspiration and for taking the time to comment on my verse. Your comments are always appreciated. Hi, shadow1950, That you found it a balanced and pleasurable read, makes this poet happy. Thank you. Hi, morgen90210, I am pleased to be included in your Poet's Corner family and that my poem touched you. Thank you. Hi, orientalkoru, You'd be surprised at how critical otherwise loving friends and family can be. It brings comfort to know that you look well upon my poetry. Hi, ladyjewel, Until I read Macduff5's poem and had my reaction to it, I had little idea about what else CS had to offer outside of eMail, eCards and Poet's Corner (PC). It was an education. I am just grateful that I stumbled across PC when I did. Thank you for your lovely comment.
66 Views and 8 comments ..ill add one more... you have excellent insights when you comment and I enjoy feedback most of anything I can always tell you really read and understood what I was trying to convey...Ty for that and for this masterful poem...handshake
niah9online today!
have to comment....because it is so well expressed....and I agree totally....gnj4u...Kathyteddybear
Hi, madtat29, Your comment that you enjoyed my poem is most welcomed. It is difficult to know how one's own poems come across without the feedback of others. Although one never truly knows what the poet's intent is, when I comment on another's poem, I can let the poet know my response to it. You are most welcome for the comments on your poems that I have provided. That you found them insightful indicates that your poems were successful in conveying their messages. Hi, niah9, With your busy schedule, it is most appreciated that you took the time to read and comment on my poem. I am happy that you found it well-expressed. To both, Thank you for sharing your time with me.
Another amazing wonderful write sweet lady gnj4u where hearts and souls come together to express love, a lovely corner the poets corner.. Thank you for sharing.. Warm regards.. Vickie xx
teddybear rose rose angel2 daisy angel
Hi gnj4u

I loved reading your wonderful poem,a beautiful corner it is indeed.
Thank you for sharing

Martinaxxxbouquet thumbs up wave
Hi, Arteee and rapturecapture,
It is due to wonderful contributors such as the two of you who give freely of your time and talents to post works and comment on the posts of others that make Poet's Corner a unique and welcoming place within CS for each of us who aspire to be poets. It pleases me that you enjoyed my poem. For your time and attention to reading my offering and sharing your reaction to it, I am most grateful. Thank you.
Hello gnj4u
goodness , I don't know how I missed this one ! apologies
this is wonderful !
Thankyou so much for sharing this with us hug
Hi, Serenity4two,
No apologies are necessary. It is always encouraging when a Reader takes the time to leave a comment. I am pleased to know that you enjoyed reading my poetic offering. Thank you.
But rather Poetry, a corner where poets reside
to share with the reader what lives and dies inside
that pours onto paper from the sweat of the pen
risks being judged “mediocre”, beginning to end

Amazing well thought out poem gnj, very true words indeed. We sure risk being judged, how boring life would be if we did not take risks. hug purple heart
Hi, Odette67,
Though we must risk being judged in order to truly be alive, it is, nevertheless, painful when one is harshly judged. I am pleased, might I say relieved, that you judged my poem favourably. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.
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