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Kiwi Loss

There are fifty dead
Lifeless blossoms tinged dark red
Hearts around world bleed
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2019
About this poem:
Written in sympathy for the 50 who were mercilessly gunned down and for their friends, families and fellow New Zealanders who suffer these overwhelming losses. Such terrorist acts are an attack against all who hold peace and each other within loving hearts. May our communities find or construct avenues to reclaim civility and health.

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Comments (11)

Thanks Joy, it sure does nick hearts globally.

It was wonderfully said for very sad happening sad flower
Love the compassion and peace in this poem gnj4u tragic loss of prescious lives yet again, very sad sad flower
niah9online today!
thank you Joy for such caring words regarding those who lost their lives and the trauma left to follow.....Beautifully said.....Kathy NZ.
bouquet sad flower
Thank you Joy for this 3 line write that said a lot.Beautifully written.teddybear heart wings
Thank you very much!hug flower
Hi, orientalkoru, EXRED, Happychatty1, niah9, rososcura, marikia,
These cowardly acts of terrorism are committed against all of humanity. Coping with the sadness of such devastating loss requires a lot of support from one another. I hope my poetic expression helps in some small way. Thank you for your compassionate presence in Poet's Corner.
My lovely friend, its been some time since I have moved within these pages.

A loss within kiwi
A loss within ALL

Love Sophie xx
It is always a Joy to read from you. Such a very thoughtful and generous effort written here. God bless you dear.purple heart
Hi, Shugarh, sophiasummer, and candykid,
Each time people reach out to one another with love, hope is kindled for a better world. In times of such tragedy, it is essential. Thank you for your kind words about my poem and for sharing your poetic gifts within Poet's Corner.
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