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Knight Rules

In quiet Solitude, he reflected until thoughts became clear
then, with Humility, imparted wisdom to us
in verse we will continue to hold dear.
His Gratitude for life begat our gratitude for his.
The Pride he took in being a gallant knight
brought comfort to others, knowing he was near.

Through Cooperation, he strived to achieve
a community of poetic sisters and brothers.
With Friendship, one of his handiest tools,
he avoided perils of those who would be fools;
practiced Forgiveness while looking for their best;
displayed Honesty by which we were blessed.

With Courage, he faced each day’s burnings;
through Grace, accepted the change of day into night.
Patience allowed him to navigate darkness
until action could bend it toward Justice’s light.
Generosity with which he bestowed love
showered our corner, fed our yearnings.

On battlefields, his Discipline reigned without contender
Dedication enabled him to reach goals without surrender.
Kindness in his Speech was something all could understand.
His Faith throughout life did demand we recognize
Equality must describe every child, woman, man
and Love be the music castle life would epitomize

until Death’s knell rings out a final farewell.
the work one knight begins, others may finish.
May the goodness he once showered upon us
grow within every person and not diminish.

(c) gnj4u All Rights Reserved
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2017
About this poem:
This poem was inspired by the poetic life of Café Jim (cafetwo2010) and godsprincess' ANGEL CAFE tribute to him.

Sir Thomas Lemuel Hawke of Cornwall’s twenty rules to govern Knights,
written in 1483, gives one reason to consider how much one has to invest in this life.

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Comments (12)

godsprincessonline today!
A very beautiful tribute to our dear Knight "Cafe Jim".

Kathy teddybear
Joy wave Thank you for sharing this poem.
mcradloffonline today!
Every now and then someone writes a poem about another poet, this is a nice tribute.applause jackolantern
You have paralleled this perfectly.....I have missed your rare presence here upon this corner as of late, yet had full faith that you were still observing given your lovely history here. This write is so beautifully appropriate given the circumstances. Thank you Joy for this outstanding contribution....I am more than confident that this has brightened a star that is near, yet far........purple heart
He'd be so honored just to read the words in the About this poem: ....inspired by the poetic life of Café Jim. rose

What a beautiful tribute - I looked in my handbook used for the UK citizenship test I had to pass also required for residence here. Though extensive, it didn't include these(I think it should, as I looked more into it online.)

I see you got all 20 here, and all so fitting - so I'll have to touch on what got my heart the most.

"Friendship, one of his handiest tools, The Generosity with which he bestowed his love
showered our Corner and fed our yearnings. His Patience allowed him to navigate darkness
until his actions could bend it toward Justice’s light. The kindness in his Speech was something all could understand"
He always said he considered "Kindness the crown jewel of character", and though he had it listed as a top priority on his profile for several years, we all know he himself was the epitome of kindness.

The extended descriptions on some attributes I read fit very well, also.
About Justice and Speech, it had this to say: the only thing a knight has no patience for is injustice, and in speech a knight does not spread news unless he is certain of it. While the main attributes are on full display in Cafe's wonderful writing & comments, I can tell you firsthand that the no patience for injustice(also demonstrated in his Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer blog comments written Dec.2016) and not spreading news he is not certain of characterized him as well. When I brought some things to his attention at some point, he asked me how could he know there weren't other things going on, things that could completely change what appeared to be if this were the case. So I got him ironclad facts... and a couple of hours later he wrote a poem from that(seemed to involve some mysterious black flowers).

Therefore, he was able to achieve exactly as you state:
"His Patience allowed him to navigate darkness until his actions could bend it toward Justice’s light."
Just excellent, Joy

I know I've written too much already, but just a bit more to touch on(will have to do in a 2nd comment).
Excerpt from my mail in Aug. - 2 months after he'd gotten out of the hospital:
"Cat...I praise God for his great joy and inner
peace he has instilled since this whole ordeal.
May the God of all hope keep you and yours
under his wing..."

I wanted to include this, b/c it's such a great testament to his Faith, and your tribute seems an especially appropriate place to include it.

Thanks for indulging me, and thank you for your caring words for our dear poet, Cafe Jim.

"May the goodness once showered on Poet’s Corner
grow with every new poem and not diminish."

purple heart
gnj4u ~ How proud you have made Jim with your beautiful and meaningful words. How happy and blessed I am to have been privileged to have known him and many other kind and loving and caring souls on this site.

Thank you so much

Madysad flower
I can picture Cafe sitting "Up There' ~ leaning against a bamboo cage while sipping his special tea ~ and beaming from ear to ear the more he realizes what a tremendous influence and impact he has had while he walked this earth.

Thank you so much.

This is awesome! My Uncle Jim would be flattered... he was one of the most clever and hilarious characters you could ever have the joy of meeting. He definitely knew how to keep everyone entertained too. Especially all of us nieces and nephews growing up. Thank you for this tribute! I know he would appreciate every word! heart beating heart beating
salamunaonline today!
great tribute gnj4u ..even i did not know him..i ve enjoyed reading his poetry
" the work one knight begins, others may finish.
May the goodness he once showered upon us
grow within every person and not diminish"
loved it.. stay safe sad flower
southmiami4321online today!
gnj4u, What a beautiful tribute. Cafe was one of a kind, we miss him so dearly. I still capture his voice over the phone in my memories. Always so pleasant although going through so much. God gifted him in growing in this poetry corner to leave his legacy. RIP my friend. SM
Mizzy4online today!
Brilliant idea Joy and executed with great skill. A very fitting tribute to the mighty Café Jim.

Regards Mick.

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