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Voice of fierce fighter for justice
cries out upon troubled streets
demands equality, freedom, citizenship
walks life’s pathways to Rainbow peace.

Bantu language, tone lowest at end
imibongo shouted from behind bars
vowels, though silent, omnipresent
Ubuntu spread under global stars

Smiles transcend years of pained
imprisonment for seditious acts wrought
honour shines as beacon to all who remain
high the price paid for freedom brought.

From Umkhonto we Sizwe
to Nobel Peace Prize won
world of injustice, separateness
battles fought, path forward begun.

Willing to sacrifice life, limb, precious breath
effort directed to achieve a peaceful end
Faces each new day confronting death
challenges us to finish what he did begin.

Ninety-four balloons ascend toward sky
accompany prayers that he will survive
keeping hungry vultures at bay
buffalo not devoured by lion, today.

As the sun sets with musical strains
of Handel, then Tchaikovsky playing
Madiba, beloved, hears Maker’s call to soul,
as Part prepares to reunite with the Whole.

Where umbilical cord buried, soul belongs.
Fifteen clicks applied as apartheid died.
Out-spoken remains the rebel’s song
until freedom, justice, for all, is applied.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2013
About this poem:
imibongo --> poetry
Ubuntu --> a South African philosophy
Umkhonto we Sizwe --> Spear of the Nation

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Comments (12)

Hi GNJ , I really enjoyed this. Excellent poetry in all its wayswine...Jesse
thumbs up A really strong poem for him sweet lady, well done,hug hug loved itbouquet
well written and well thought out poem kudos Joy teddybear bouquet hug kiss wine
Hi Gnj

This is a wonderful tribute - as the great man's life draws to its inevitable close. Many thanks for the footnotes you thoughtfully added to this poignant poem.

Kindest regards

Bill wine
Outstanding!!.. sweet lady gnj4u flawless amazing write!.. I didn't want this poem to end so thoroughly enjoyed.. Absolutely wonderful.. Thank you for sharing...
Warm and kind regards.. Vickie
teddybear peace thumbs up thumbs up rose angel2 daisy
niah9online today!
as always my dear friend, you cut through all the variants, and end with the factual necessary words to give format to poetry...
Great write.....and very special......Kathyteddybear
Hi, fjamesj9701, Although to receive such high praise from you is humbly appreciated, I am most pleased to know that you enjoyed it. Hi, ladyjewel, As you wrote, " he has brought about a huge change that the world needed in a suprisingly gentle but firm way". I will always feel a connection that we chose the same day to honour his life through our writing. Hi, shadow1950, Although I was driven from the heart, I am pleased that my poem earned your praise for being well-written and well-thought out. Your kudos are much appreciated. Hi, Fellsman, That you would judge this a wonderful tribute to Madiba gives me great pleasure. For it was to honour his life and its impact upon the world and upon my spirit that I wrote this poem. P.S. A fellow poet, formerly of PC fame, is always encouraging me to put footnotes; this time I followed his advice. I am happy for the positive feedback. Hi, Artee, You are most generous with your comments and I treasure that you found my write worthy of such high praise and that you enjoyed it so much. Your comments nearly moved me to tears. Hi, niah9, That you, the poet and historian, would leave such a positive comment allows me to think that my poem did pay Tata the honour that I felt in my heart. I am most pleased, my friend. To All, I have so much thankfulness for all that Tata has done to make this a better world. And, it is so nice to share this world with others who care. I, too, am delighted to be supported by you, my fellow poets. I thank each of you for reading my poem and taking the time to provide your feedback.
Enjoyed this one from you.You've painted a canvas of powerful images that sticks on the mind.Thanks for sharing your wonderful mind.
This is a beautiful and powerful tribute to such an incredible man ! A man who is held in such high esteem throughout the entire world .
Much respect to you gnj4u for this exceptionally good poem -
warm regards to you from across the miles --Fiona hug
Hi, Poetnumber1 and Serenity4two,
This poet cannot help but be pleased to hear that my attempt to honour Madiba "sticks on the mind" and "is a beautiful and powerful tribute". For, certainly, he is "such an incredible man!" May we each, in our own way, continue what he has begun. Thank you both for taking the time to read and comment. Your feedback is much appreciated.
This is pure class gnj, about a remarkable man. hug purple heart
Hi, Odette67,
Madiba is certainly a remarkable person. To have shared the world during part of his lifetime is a gift. Thank you for your kind remark about my poem to honour him. It is much appreciated.
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