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Yolanda, O’ Hayian

With sustained winds of a-hundred-ninety-five mph
and gusts up to two-hundred-and-thirty-five,
it’s no wonder that so many people can’t
enjoy island life or, worse, are no longer alive.
Bodies in water, bodies on bridges,
bodies on side of road, die
everywhere, flesh rotting over
and under heaps of rubble, piled high.

Bodies impaled by floating debris,
as hidden under water it veers
fresh water salted by 5-meter ocean wall
and saline of human tears,
leaving thirst that reaches into
the infinite depths of sorrow’s abyss.
Too many are those that have seen
devastation as wide-spread as this.

Roads washed out, blocked by debris,
lights no longer brightly shining
electricity compromised or totally gone,
leaves dark clouds, no silver lining.
Food, clothing, shelter, all taken away.
Then, tropical low Zoraida stirred hot air.
Its blowing winds more rain delivered,
leaving citizens drowning in their despair.

Thankfulness for being alive now replaced
by constant worries about how to survive
with not only homes but cities destroyed
leaving no sustenance and no place dry.
As competition pits survivor against survivor,
marring the complexion of the human face
a nation awaits worldwide compassion
its love and its support and saving grace.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2013
About this poem:
May we each do what we can to help.

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Comments (13)

ty for this appeal to action Joy.
and it's so true, how our lives
can be altered, or taken, in a
moment... we need one another
for love, support, sustencance,
and more.. rose
A lovely write for the thought of compassion and appreciation for the writer to inform while most are oblivious to anything not within there zip codes. My aunt and uncle were killed in this storm leaving my three cousins orphaned and still awaiting the calls of other family members hopeful survivors as we prepare family here to head home. The truth is the worlds eyes are closed unless its in there own backyard or nearing election time. Thank you for sharing
trurorobonline today!
Yes a sad occasion Joy, lets hope humanity gets its act together and does all it can.
very sad beautiful heartfelt piece of writing god look over their families in their time of grief angel
Wow !!! this is emotionally stirring and a truly deep way of expressing how as humans when vulnerable, relying on basic human needs is vital for survival,,,, yes sometimes we feel what we have cannot do much but every bit helps & it is everyones responsibility, excellent write gnj4u,,,, filled with compassion & honesty ty4sharing:0) : peace :thumbs up: conversing applause
Truly sad, what a fitting way to express this... compassion and emptiness, loss and pain... truly beautiful....hug
Thankfulness for being alive now replaced
by constant worries about how to survive

The horror of this tragedy I see on my TV is too much to bare, I feel helpless. I lay in my bed thinking about those poor people, and how would I cope seeing my beautiful kids laying dead by the roadside?
Thank you gnj, you are a lovely soul. hug purple heart

All the finest technology along with cleverest minds on this planet, are no match for the incredibly destructive forces of Nature when they are unleashed with such venom against those unfortunate enough to be in its path.

The humanitarian issues in the wake of these disasters are as overwhelming as the disasters themselves. I am at a loss to comment further, being one of the many millions trying to make sense of it all.

God help the victims!

Kindest regards

Bill wine wine
Tears I suppose of gratitude for your magnanimous intentions, I couldn't help it! I have shed a few tears the past few days ; though my own folks are unscathed; these are after all my people. People who are happy with so little; and so capable of making the best of the little they have! It seems so unfair that year after year, what little they have is taken away, lost in disasters like this.

But we are one big family, we live and are supported within a good neighborhood, countries that opens their hearts and souls to aid a fellow country in need! . There is hope and there is much to be grateful for in spite of the great loss. It's a long process to rebuild and recover...especially in a third world country where every thing is a snails pace.

"As competition pits survivor against survivor,
marring the complexion of the human face
a nation awaits worldwide compassion
its love and its support and saving grace."

Thank you for pouring the depths of your soul in this piece my dear. You have a beautiful heart. teddybear
Thanks for sharing this compassionate write Gnj. Moments like these are the saddest ones that leaves a heart wrenching memory upon our minds for a very long time.
Hi Massachusetts, I view you as one of the most eloquent and intelligent 'journalists' whose verse I've ever had the pleasure to read, wow! Great empathic write!
Mizzy4online today!
Hi Joy,
Both the kindness of your soul
and your special talent to write
are very evident in this sad story.
God bless !


hug angel
Great write Joy,we think our problems are insurmountable but when we read or watch on TV all this devastation and loss of life and all belongings we should thank god we are still alive.My heart goes out to people who go through these things and the trail of sorrow it leaves.purple heart hug
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