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Take Three

Trusty, old-growth wooden-handled axe
enables me to clear a spot to call my own
to fell trees, chop logs to make a home
and heat within walls to embrace my spirit
isolated, not by choice, now all alone.

That case of duct tape I decided to bring
enables me to construct so many things.
Using island vines axe-chopped as strings
I made a hammock from which to swing
relax, elevated, safe from what nature brings.

From versatile typhoon pants that keep
body warm and dry to a bathing suit
that another’s eye would surely catch
(were there anyone around to see)
duct-tape clothes both adorn and protect me.

And kayak, too, to surf the waves
duct-tape made without nail, wire or glue
paddles shaped by wood the axe did hew.
I fish and travel the sea under skies of blue
counting ten years until I again see you.

A bag, I cleverly fashion from duct tape
carries water, found, from source to home
Another, I did construct to carry food
collected from native plants and trees
or speared by arrows my axe did hone.

For those fine-motor things an axe cannot do
scale fish, slice, cut open or gently pry
a Swiss Army SwissChamp XAVT
was something that I brought with me.
Comes not with ten-year but a lifetime warranty.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2013
About this poem:
Written in response to shadow1950's challenge:
"What Three Things You would Take"

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Comments (9)

I enjoyed this one GNJ....very practical you are well...Andrew...xxxcool
The Swiss Army SwissChamp XAVT never leave home without it. Almost like twenty more things aside from the original three which is why I believe you found a loophole laugh But GNJ I think this is a fine write with a source of wisdom. Enjoyed the read...Jessewine bouquet
Very practical and wise choices...let's face it if survival is one major consideration I presume in this contest, I suppose practicality will surely scores high..comfort
Now Now mmmmmm that swiss army knife has more than 3 blades----disqualified the judge downed his hammerrolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Loved it gnj you are a survive teddybear
intelligent and practical choices gnj4u ...
wise lady indeed ...
wonderful poetry as always from you -warm wishes as always -F hug
Just bumping you up to read all the 3,s togetherpeace
excellent choices i enjoyed angel grin
hedistuffonline today!
A knife, an axe, and duct tape. My favorite writer emulates my favorite 'practical guy' from Canada, Red Green. Hi Joy! How are 'ya? It's good to know that there's still a few old loving folks around...
Good, you are bent on bringing excitement to life, in for adventure of every kind, still on the move and ready to set off, pull out, whatever, wherever an undaunted spirit of yours takes you in poetry or in real life. You may need or don't even need that Swiss army Swisschamp something: I am sure you will make do without it with that JOYful spirit of yours - "a lifetime warranty" for sure!"Life indeed can be fun, if you really want to!"peace
Thank you for sharing, dear poetess!!!

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