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Gramma's Chair (an Easter Poem)

Life goes 'round in circles
And mine has traveled far
I can’t find my way back
For my home is in the stars
How long could love ever last
As long as my heart’s known
How I miss you sitting there
In an ol' parlor rocking chair
Next to the stone fire place
With your knitting basket
Stuffed with steins of yarn
That familair old stained
Yellowed mitten pattern….
To make green dragon mittens
With the red mouths inside
And ohhh those shiny golden eyes
How much you loved them too
Making them smile at me
A little puppet to cheer me up
How much you made me laugh
How much I miss your soft voice
Singing all those fairy tales
And funny nursery rhymes
About spiders and beanstalks
Giants and princesses
Even a woman who kisses cows
Always a happy ending
Many years have gone by
But how you are never forgotten
Nor your gentle love ever loss
Now it is I, Grams, who sits
In your old parlor chair
Smiling at your memory
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2015
About this poem:
A little nostalgia in memory and and respect of my long departed Grandmother who taught me many things at a very early age about life. Happy Easter Gram !!! I sure do wish I could find somebody like you again to make me smile. You were the kindest and greatest woman I've ever known.

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Comments (13)

Hi Yankee...What a lovely, heartfelt tribute...she was someone who truly impacted your life! How lucky you are to have shared this time with her! And how fortunate she was to have had you to keep her love and memory...... happy place rose Avias
It seems that our experiences of love .....are just little portals looking through time in our lives....very happy daisy
Beautiful heartfelt write I really enjoyed this . Have a happy Easter bunny bunny easter bonnet
niah9online today!
a special poem yankee.....hope you had a family Easter.....teddybear
godsprincessonline today!
Yankee: Thank you for sharing - brings back memories of my Grandpa and Grandma's home where security and warmth were provided. angel
Thank You Abby.....Is the world really that different? Everybody loves Grandma!! heart beating
Godsprincess....Yes their home was a refuge from the world for sure......gingerbread
Thanks Cathy..... You're the sweetest!! teddybear
Happygolucky4uonline today!
Wonderful poem. I spent many summers with my grandparents in North Carolina. I have many sweet memories. Some of my best was there with them. heart wings
Happygolucky... Thanks for commenting. Similar to you, I spend all my summers of my youth at my grandparents cottage on the shore of our Lake Champlain. My cousins, and brothers...somehow sleeping wherever we could throw a cushion and blanket on the floor or couch. It was such a magical moment in life to all sit around together and hear my grandfather tell some of his pretty long tales....and watch Grandma smile and occasional blush and shake her head always knitting away. They were my whole world!!!daisy daisy daisy daisy daisy daisy daisy daisy daisy daisy
a fitting tribute to your Grandma who obviously meant so much to you great pen hugs
Hi Yankee

A beautiful read...I have just a very vague memory of one of my Grandparents....she died when I was very young.... It is lovely to have the memories you write about...At least my grandchildren will have memories of me so all is good heart wings

Thank you for sharing

Martina xxxteddybear bouquet lips
Reminded me of the Waltons :)
If only our Grandparents and other loved ones knew how much their thoughtfulness ,wisdom care and love however great or small in measure touched our hearts and souls ...priceless and prescious memories :)
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