The End Times

The End Times are almost here,
So now it's time to be sincere;
The cause not quite so Biblical -
More decimation environmental.

Cancel Culture, and things gone mad,
History drowns in a sea of sad;
Creative content not rewarded,
Starving artists, and life gone sordid.

Every one pushing their own barrow,
Censorship makes thinking narrow;
It may be that no one's right -
So shit on Nature (despite her plight).

Still, the senseless urge to breed,
Another million mouths to feed;
Babies dying in the dust -
Adult to Adult, there's no trust.

Now cut down the Amazon,
You'll only know when it's all gone;-
So f*ckwits (like B*lsonaro),
Can make a Hell (where he will go).

And to top it all, now there's Covid,
(Though there were plagues before Ovid);
The difference is this one's man-made;-
To make us sick, (before we fade).

But that's ok (just don't ask Chyna);
As it violates the World's va*ina;-
And who decides just what is "truth"?
You'd best believe "fake news" - by Ruth!

So curse the Imams, curse the Pope,
Curse us all, when there's no hope -
(The problem here was Evolution,
There seems to be a convolution).

Man-made God - that's his mistake,
Now's too late to apply the brake;
Many species have died out -
What makes Man think that he'll "win out"?

So come one day, when there's no one here,
Because fools ruined the Biosphere,
Man will have himself to blame -
'Cos self-deception's a stupid game.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jan 2021
About this poem:
The "damage done" by idiots.....

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Comments (7)

You hit the nail on the head here, LCBR! Excellent write thumbs up
Very realistic write LCBR and so true we ARE IN THE END TIMES. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. SMwave
lovecanberealonline today!
Are we the only species (in the Known Universe, or perhaps Multi-verse) dumb enough to shit in our own nest so much? (despite knowing the consequences)? I mean we can send a buggy to Mars, and drive it around up there, by remote control, BUT we cannot control our own Numbers! - quite a paradox, no?

Thanks for the comments, ladies - appreciated.....bouquet
lovecanberealonline today!
There's a bit of anger in this one, and a bit of despair. What can you do? Small things, on a personal level (as best we can). The actual problem is overpopulation, and the Very Funny Lord not making people (by and large) quite smart enough....
LCB, justly proud you should be. ...............and with honors, wine
Powerful words LCBR,
Emotions well portrayed.

Regards Mick.

lovecanberealonline today!
Thanks for the
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