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summer night commute

on the bright side of tonight
everything seems ok, an indescribable way
the glass of the moon half full
as I ride, windows down, to the breeze

the night-time interlude of thoughts
or dreams wandering minds and roads
lights ahead just enough to allow for
expectation and anticipation of bends

in my life, maybe tonight or tomorrow
but for now it's a serene painted line
that I ride beside, dashes ticking
like a long distance clock, dash...
dash...dash...tick away this

haloed night, soft and tender, hardly
anyone else is out here right now
just me and the dashed clock
listening to the music of the asphalt
and humming memories of you

© agoodguy2have 2010-06-22
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2010
About this poem:
halcyon nights follow halcyon days

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Comments (14)

I like this one, I haven't been able to drive for a couple of years now, but still know what you mean, thankyou GG2Hcool
Caught the feeling and essence of driving well i thought. I really felt the rummble and drift and those smooth driving memories/thoughts whilst travelling along with your words.
Nice write agoodguy2have thumbs up
Took me back to driving down the autobahns in Germany, thank you :-)
thanks for the ride man...
keep your mind on the road fella! wave i know the feeling though, it is easier as a passenger to sink into it...applause
I enjoyed the ride. Thanks for another great poem.
Happygolucky4uonline today!
I like that listening to the music of the asphalt. Many times I have heard the serenade. It is funny how they can sing differently.dunno
"A beautiful ride"
lulled me into many memories..
trurorobonline today!
I love drivng in the quiet, i can do hundreds of miles just me, the car, and the driving noise. Took me there
Poetry, beautiful, quality poetry, nuff said..., the way you captured a cameo of your reality as in the quoted phrase "listening to the music of the asphalt
and humming memories of you", is sooooo cool..., thanks...
agoodguy2have - sounds like a commute worth having :) wonderful imagery my friendmotorcycle
a well painted picture. I was there. applause
hey goodguy2have,i like SUMMER NIGHT COMMUTE,it's a good one and i understand it's story line,i don't like scrips that don't make sense and that you can't grasp,everybody as we know have everybody has there own style of writing wether it be good or bad,each to there own imagination,hey, robyn
loved the last two lines,good workthumbs up
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