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they say we'll come to our end one day they say we just won't matter they say we'll become our own...
1,25614Aug 2011

Venus guytrap

I’ve been reading National Geographic ;-)...
55711Mar 2010

life around love

something different for Alan and Marilyn and Barbra...
73113Sep 2011

cookin' up enough

it's all in how it's spread out...
7867Aug 2011

Ekphrastic afternoon

6494Sep 2011

at the altar

what do we bring to sacrifice, to the altar of our fears will the fear, itself, suffice to wipe a...
6437Sep 2011

waxing poetica

the moon is made of lovers' wishes Gorgonzola, and other dishes heard knighted lines of ardent pas...
5804Sep 2011

our poles

how could we be so diametric opposed even in the littlest things leaving us unendingly apoplectic...
5964Sep 2011

sizes matter

"sizes matter" chirped the hatter before popping the size 8 and 1/4 on his head and jumping theat...
6155Sep 2011


I once knew two sisters aptly named Flora and Fauna I coulda loved them both for sure I was a gon...
6307Sep 2011

at graphite's edge

a dark shining gray lights out from the edge of memories as the pencil wipes the years away and...
5382Sep 2011


that bruised and contused epidermis after a skirmish bandaged and anti-somethinged for whatever n...
5533Sep 2011

40 of 93

for: Christian Adams, 37 Lorraine G. Bay, 58 Todd M. Beamer, 32 Alan Anthony Beaven, 48 Mark Bi...
6113Sep 2011


I'm beholdin' to you......
79911Aug 2011

take pause

my son comes by and looks over my shoulder at his picture on my PC's wallpaper he analyses it care...
7547Aug 2011

in the farmer's song

so, i got to thinking about all those words planted in my language where fertility grew them to...
5084Aug 2011

wind down

that indian, he ain't come to town still, summer's started windin' down you can feel it in the air...
5824Aug 2011

our row

for George C and Sally W submitted for Ladybee42's contest, post your own by Sunday 14, Aug 201...
6185Aug 2011

sciss or

being the cut-up i was back when i lost my nut and she bolted away i found myself half of scis...
6779Aug 2011


75316Aug 2011


5727Aug 2011


ok, you know it's sarcasm right?...
4223Mar 2010


a.k.a. Frick Younger and Frack Elder for a real life story:
4722Aug 2011

Necessity is...

Archimedes sat at the table with his wife a contemplative look in his eye slowly eating Psomi and...
3875Aug 2011


for give, for giving the whole world seems forgiven for living these ends to extremes for give...
48411Aug 2011

casing affections

whether in deep of dark whether brightest of noonday there's always eyes askance casing out the c...
3833Aug 2011

the usual places

I hear your voice in this side of my mind that place you've been with thoughts entwined my eye...
4286Jan 2010


dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal....
2916Jun 2011

the weight of the world

4209May 2011


switched into the voiceless, helpless abyss Is there no one to talk to out here? can anyone here m...
62215Jul 2011

beauty in the face

47410Jul 2011


4315Jul 2011

the axe

notable that sarcasm rhymes with chasm, no h....
3794Jul 2011


interspersed into internet intercommunication are placed interests of interrelationships interse...
4075Feb 2010


pick a news story of today and apply...
32310Jul 2011

tinkering time

in the shop with hardware and bits of wood can make almost any man feel useful, good a screwdriv...
4048May 2011

just once I'll feel love

is an acrostic quatrain a acrostrain or a quastic?...
4297Jul 2011

nowhere to be found

now where did i put that fourth stanza?...
3785Jul 2011

nectar vector

butterfly sits serenely, it's wings unhinged sucking sweet floral juice un-impinged by matters big...
3996Jul 2011


whatcha mean it's not spec-tac-u-lar, it's not the king's spoken command the way I mean to say ver...
2164Jul 2011

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