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sciss or

being the cut-up i was
back when i lost my nut
and she bolted away
i found myself
half of scissors say
singular scissor
not much more than
an ice pick is,
more to the point

yet what can be done
when two useful parts
fall apart, depart
to become as it were
(is?) ...a sciss

chipping away at the
cold icy truth
that one must use
to survive
snowing the rest
around as i dig
into another bit
of frozen flow

to tool or not...
whether it's designed
to be of use to other
even others, or just
turn the puzzle,
hardware in hand

discerning or
casting aside snippets
confettied triangles
some papered cuts
life's try angles

© Goode Guy 2011-07-29
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2011

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What a write,this is real creativity man,i love ityay yay yay Geniousapplause applause applause happy place
When I read this I thought you had surgery.. then I reread and again.. you know I probably have a spare nut in my tool box that I can reapir your sciss ors with.. grin
Woah goodguy! I feel that cold icy chill up my back..I'm getting the point..ouch! Quite ingenious way in which you use your sciss- or's to reveal 'life's try angles..' A brilliant snippet of words cut up with only half a scissor..I believe you may be chipping away at poetic immortality! professor angel cool thumbs up grin
Hi, agoodguy2have,
As you turn the puzzle, hardware in hand, a successful mix of creativity and discerning humor emerges. casting aside snippets, the poet has made a most enjoyable poem using some papered cuts that get right to the point of life's try angles.
Your imagination knows knows bounds GG. applause
trurorobonline today!
well done Dave, a cut above!
Hi Good Guy

This is an ode to the uni-sciss, a veritable origami of well chosen words... As Mark Antony would no doubt have said had he lost a blade of his scissors: "This is the most unkindest cut of all". (The most unkindest cut was not considered ungrammatical in Shakespeare's day).

A fun write GG


Bill cheers
This clever poem appeals to the intricate machinations of my mind!

The "cutting edge" of poetry! :)

Well done,

purple heart
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