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~A Silvered thought~

Lily pad floats pon gelatin skin. Non lit side tree shows it's day an begin. Paddle in dip to abyss in ta dark. Heat a the sun, in glade warmth humid air. Under rock shaded shore in thick weed presence more. Shadows cast. . . . two above dippin oars in paired sink. Rustled leave, branches rub. Drops divet land, not a word buv drips in sound. Moments taken in reserve, all in clear of what is............................. silvered thought
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2010
About this poem:
I'm sure there's a few who never went in a canoe:)

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Comments (10)

Ah...Bentlee...I was there! Thanks!bouquet
trurorobonline today!
I imagine the beautiful stillness of it all at first light. Nice to see you!
Missed your unique style my friend, enjoyed this write, and the story. Many years since I have been in a canoe.....Thankyou....Andrew....
Loved this Bentlee well yes I have just been in your canoe!!
Glad to see you around againhandshake
Bentlee - welcome back for a time :) your silvered thought grows misty in the flows from the stream into the air. beautiful poem...thanks for sharing my friend.daisy
Glad you could be there Ama, nice to see you. feels good to be back if only for a brief :) ty.
Hi Rob, good to see ur still hangin ur verse in these parts lol ty :)
Andrew my friend, as always a pleasure chattin with you, ty for your words and always your kind consideration of others written thought :) take care an talk soon.
Hi Red an ty for your words, did you tip the canoe :) i hope so, that teaches balance in one real fast lol cheers:)
Hi Jazzy, good to see you my friend, hope all's good. Ty for your thoughts an glad you enjoyed the condensed version lol cheers an chat soon. :)
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