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RE: Do you think this guy is sexy...rate he said he had it coming.....Lol

yeah one of those chenille numbers and throw in the fluffy slippers..f*ck..anyone would look ugly in that..hope he can cook a mean breakfast..

RE: Whats your favorite smell?

Any girl that says semen is tastes good but smells horrible...o.k. now that it is said and out in the open...
did you hear the one about???......................

RE: where is my wife? God, please let me know , i am so faithful

Have you checked the outhouse? My dad got lost there once after two bottles of rum and we had to drag his drunk a** in the shower cause he smelt like a possums bum

RE: Whats your favorite smell?

Simply the light linger of jasmine in the is so intoxicatingly romantic...a sea of sand then during a light breeze it falls upon me and I think of is truly a beautiful experience..

The wrose smell is blood..I have workeed with it for years yet it never gets easier...I hate the smell.

RE: How many times have you been completley Heart broken

Never..but I look at relationships as a period of time either long or short..I never have pre-conceived expectations...about them being a general time to get to know anyother human being, decide if it is what i want in my life, sometimes be the role of both teacher and studet...people come into our lives sometimes briefly..sometimes for a longer stay...but I have been given alot from both.
My tent flap is always open..I often miss the familiar rustle of the bed sheets next to me when I am alone, the sound of someone breathing when I am sleeping...

I think it is a matter of your initial comfortability with yourself..and remembering..relationships with people as friends, lovers, acquaintances are always about what you bring to it rather than what you need..
If you NEED should not be there.

RE: I'm taking flower suggestions

He loves me..he loves me not..he loves me..he loves me not..shit!!! I always end up with the even petals...

how many of us as kids used to rip the last in two?

I did....flirty

RE: Doesn't marriage , destroy love and take the magic away from romance?

but that is what love is after all....

RE: Doesn't marriage , destroy love and take the magic away from romance?

Bollocks..fairytale land...
The passage of people I know that have been together forever either married or as they like to call is non-existant after so many years..or a rare sunday arvo no longer is the priority they thought it to be in their youth ..but friendship has developed and bonded through two people living through so many hard and good times together and both supporting each other..
I have remained single for many years..I have friendship but not the depth my parents or any other two people that have shared many years together have..
I have a good sex life though..but committed friendship lasts longer for sure.

RE: Doesn't marriage , destroy love and take the magic away from romance?

Love is raw..
Marriage places boundaries and expectations on people..what the view of marriage should be according to society and its assumptions. Have to buy a house, have kids, blah blah..and work your fecking a** off to obtain it..If either side lacks what is expected the other resents their end of the bargain. The relationship moves into the mode of rights and 'what I deserve'..rather than responsibilites and 'what i have to give.'

I choose to be not married..either did my gypsy parents who are still living the life of 'make-shift' shacking up!..even surviving the pitfalls of the frowns of the sixties..You go mum and dad..groove your hippy a** stuff I say..suffice to say both my brother and I grew into 'normal' adults with free thinking brains and compassionate souls equally as those from stable married homes..
Each to their own..what works for you..just do it.

RE: Why have you been left on the shelf???

I am single and looooove it..i have the choice to be where I sleep, who i eat dinner with, I wash my own nickers, enjoy company when i want and certainly to not determinate to be left on the shelf..
besides the other alternative is the bottom...and that just means starfish sex...loool

RE: Relationships

I certainly
and I rob the cradle..and their toys along side them..
Men want women half their age..sometimes twice their age...same as women..People in this world should spend as much energy on responsibility as they do rights..
Gosh mojo...ring some booty and calm..if Cs pisses anyone off then they truly need a life..
P.s...i am a dog..I will beg and fetch slippers just for the chance to bite any man on the a**...loool..

RE: Am i too old for this site?

yeah I know honey..spent too many years in Oz stitching them up the next morning after their 'night out'...
But the Irish I am afraid outdo them by far..even that bloody emu lager

RE: Am i too old for this site?

snickers!!! no undies not fecking chocolate bars you bad you to be thinking of sweets

RE: Is Sex A Bargaining cheip

Yeah well some people need all the chips they can get...

Perhaps when the chips are is the nickers???

RE: Am i too old for this site?

I should start leaving a signature of some description..afterall we live in the world don't we???? Perhaps I should leave a pair of nickers at each address that way if I think about them later down the track and decide they were fine after all..I can return to retrieve them...uuummm...nah!!! bad idea..
Dublin for two years...feck Christina..they drink more in a week than I do in two years..loool

RE: Am i too old for this site?

I wish to join you...I was born in Oslo and loved that sooo much..broke my arm on my first sled though..I kinda have adopted the warmer climate go girl!!

RE: Am i too old for this site?

Noooo never bondi beach...the surf sucks...
the surf in Byron bay is much better but because of this present king tidal situation the waves are excellent right up the east coast...yes I am a local girl lock your back door tonight..
You need to get out more..loool

RE: Am i too old for this site?

Lol..I tried being ten yesterday...but the local priest told me only boys were allowed..

RE: Am i too old for this site?

Yes I won't run away with this thread but dis gal been buuuzy lit'l thang...still sexy yo!!! lool
Enjoying the middle east..I am back in oz enjoying the beach whilst it is so cold there right now..I am sharing a chalet in Jeddah on the red Sea with prince Ya booty fine is good too..lool..good to see you all...

RE: Am i too old for this site?

hello gorgeous one..miss me???

RE: Am i too old for this site?

You go girl!!! pull out the sexy lingerie...crank Tom Jones..two iced long island teas...and most important...don't forget to slip the viagra into his drink when he is caught up in the rapture of your beauty...(p.s...note#...keep a pair of handcuffs precariously hidden just incase he tries to flee at the wrong moment..) he he talks of his mother any given part of the him Norman Bates and kick his a** out pronto!! ignore me..i have been single for 13 years..what the feck do I know??
Good luck to you honey..kiss

RE: Am i too old for this site?

yeah well my hand went to sleep first...bugger..
so thought I would slum it for once...loool

RE: Am i too old for this site?

Nah...Honey if you don't take your teeth out at night you are never too old to knaw on any old bone...
just tell the guy if he teaches you a will dance for him..

if all else fails just plaster him with jack daniels..

RE: Why I Don't Do Blondes Anymore...

Yes I don't 'do blondes' either...only myself only a lonely day.. unless my hand goes to sleep first...

RE: what would you look for in a person?

Love these questions..most women say honesty, affection etc etc. and all that dribble..when they really mean ten inches and an even fatter

I want friendship..more than the rest of the shite...uuummm. sorry subtley is not one of my finer qualities...flirty

RE: thing you dont want to hear in the bedroom

Quick under the bed...the wifes home.

RE: u...f...c

Honey thats not a wild look..thats too many vodkas!

RE: u...f...c

Seriously I have not had 'cage' fighting but I am second dan in taekwondo under master ree and I really enjoy the rush of martial arts...I am not into live kick to death blood stuff me it is barbaric..

RE: u...f...c

Well I am confident and old enough to not have to prove that one honey..

RE: u...f...c

Well I certainly don't need viagra or a c*ck to strut around my chicken suit...beware!!! I have weetbix for breakfast!

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