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RE: So its official....

I'm the same.. The highest percentages on all bar one of my photos are from ladies 41+.

Still, if it gives the old girls (I joke) something to look at while they knit away then im all for it banana


Oh good.. I had a little skim through earlier, see the place is as lively as ever.. moping

Any other old faces around? Jojo? Baileys??


Ahh is this place still all about the word play games and the 'what would you..' type games?


Now then, Sir!
I've been good ta me old mate, a LOT has happened since my last visit.. Still single however. laugh


Hey up people, not been on here for ages! Anyone still around that would remember me?

Hello people of CS!

How could you insinuate such a thing laugh

You know I got love for ya! (yeah im down with the streets still)

Hello people of CS!

I'm here fella, been a bit busy and not had the chance to have a quick sit down..

Hello people of CS!

Hey Jojo, doing pretty good ta. Still single obviously but thems are the breaks laugh Hows you? x

Hello people of CS!

Anyone that would remember me still knocking around?


Have never spoken to you before but have a few of your posts and I have a subtle bit of advice for you...

Chips are better eaten than worn wink

RE: Women in general are gold digggers

Are you insinuating that I look like John Prescott??? laugh

RE: Women in general are gold digggers

Desperate for a date? Not quite fella, just that most on here don't agree with your views.. Maybe you've been f*cked over in the past but is it right to tar all women with the same brush? It's like a woman saying all men are cheats.. Same principle.

RE: Women in general are gold digggers

Have to say fella, the bit I've highlighted in my opinion is utter bilge!

I'm in a low paying job and the women I meet and have met since being in this job don't care either way.. In fact they tend to be more impressed by the fact I'm willing to do such a shite job to keep food on my table and a roof over my head.

RE: i don't know about this website anymore ? you disapear for 5 miniutes & people forget all about YOU

Tell me about it... I've been gone ages and just looked through, not one single thread asking where i am! Truly hurt laugh

RE: the ' something happend this week that made me happy ' thread for people that want to talk deeper...

Good week no GREAT week for me... Found out im going to be a Dad! banana banana

RE: tights

They already are wink

RE: what would you do on your first day in prison if you told that you're sharing a cell with a sleeples

Offer him my last Rolo..

RE: tights

Lets have a gander at them... Sure after close inspection I could put on a soft voice and appreciate them with you

RE: Question.

Hiya bab I'm all good ta, hows you?

RE: Question.

I may have better luck if I took the photos off my profile laugh

RE: Send a message thread

I take it you mean for the RAF? If so, no.. I didn't get in due to having knees as strong as Bambi on ice..

RE: Has anybody got any jokes - good or otherwise.....

Every day this past two weeks I've woke up to find a German Shepherd taking a shit on my front lawn! This morning the cheeky twat brought his dog!!

(One I've posted before..)

Boy says to his Nan, 'Nan have you seen my tablets I had on the side? Labeled LSD?'

His Nan says 'f*ck the tablets have you seen the dragon in the kitchen?!?!'

RE: Send a message thread

All good ta mate, you?

What am I supposed to be president of again?? And did my job involve road testing the single ladies? Make sure there primed and ready for action again?

RE: Send a message thread

How do matey, thought id give the place a rest for a while, got a bit stale.. Back now though (for the time being laugh ) so hopefully we can get some decnt threads on the go!

Hows things with you and the boss?

RE: Send a message thread

Hey up hun, aye im all good ta. Hows you?

The beer is a bit of a saviour to be fair, gives women impared vision, making me an attractive prospect, if only for a few hours laugh laugh

RE: Send a message thread

You tricked me!!

Any drunken man would fall for the trap of 5 inch heels and a PVC cat suit..

RE: Send a message thread

Sorry boys, I only go for the ladies laugh

RE: Did the end up in bed with someone you didn't know?

Yep, few drunken one night stands... Not proud of it but at the same time not ashamed of it either.


Proof?? I don't do things like that innocent

I'm all good ta sweet, hows you?


The Government is a joke, the justice systme is a joke, immigration is a joke, the financial sector is a joke!!

Am I proud to be English/British? Your damn right I am!!

How can you not be proud when your friends, neighbours, countrymen give their lives everyday so we can sleep easy in our beds at night??

How can you not be proud of the fact that when terrorists bomb us we don't panic, we don't buckle, we turn around and say F'k you and take the fight to them!

The whole nation comes together as one when there is a tragedy, Maddy, Rhys Evans, London bombings etc...

The fact that we get knocked down and we get back up bigger and stronger everytime makes me damn proud of being English/British!

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