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British Man Jailed For Eating Crisps In Front Of Muslim3,313138May 26
My dog and I34626Sep 27
Spiritual?1,17968Mar 16
Spiritual but not contagious2,089262Aug 31
There's a Naked Woman in my Bed41029Sep 21
It's not funny18115Sep 23
Who's the most bored on CS?1,476136Sep 22
Kill joys20412Sep 1
Advice needed1,439142Aug 26
Smart dog?26720Sep 1
Healthy lifestyle1628Aug 30
Once in a lifetime32324Aug 31
Fake laughter53739Aug 26
Anybody want to compare PMs?1,00443Jun 25
New Israeli settlement?1351Jul 10
Better late than never.28314Jul 9
Which is your favourite?60536Jun 5
Fox News44531Jun 30
Pillow talk.50823Apr 7
Who's to blame?34915Jun 5
Solved3215May 14
Female genital observation spikes in UK.27917May 25
I want to make friends from Barnsley36821May 19
Needlework2558Apr 15
Favouritism90354Apr 13
Show Us Yer Arse!4299Apr 12
Freedom of information.51129Apr 2
Sudden hair loss.74747Apr 9
Scapegoat head.29412Mar 30
False alarm56027Apr 6
How times have changed.42513Apr 2
Scunthorpe Blues.41928Apr 4
Photos?1,07558Apr 3
Wanted43527Apr 1
SATAN54022Mar 31
Self knowledge.47035Mar 30
Targeted advertising.1697Mar 30
How come naturists don't get an erection?1,654118Mar 24
Describe your genitals.77228Mar 28
People with benefits.1,09759Mar 12

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