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My favourite marmalade25822Jun 9
I didn't know that29620Feb 27
Tonight's the night67243Feb 2
Strange Fascination65125Jan 20
What's the biggest threat to Western civilisation32919Jan 15
Liberal as a term of abuse (continued)36927Jan 10
It's not Humbug37215Dec 23
I'm going to bed now40413Jan 5
Spiritual but not contagious2,897269Aug 2018
What do you most hate about being a man?1,73493Nov 25
Link to daniela's microchip thread57534Dec 28
Liberal as a term of abuse.3,215240Nov 24
Schadenfreude69937Nov 24
What is the optimum length of a pubic hair?80938Nov 24
Ban animal products54537Nov 23
New Israeli settlement?2564Jul 2018
British Man Jailed For Eating Crisps In Front Of Muslim4,273151May 2018
My dog and I49926Sep 2018
Spiritual?1,49868Mar 2018
There's a Naked Woman in my Bed58529Sep 2018
It's not funny25315Sep 2018
Who's the most bored on CS?2,233136Sep 2018
Kill joys29512Sep 2018
Advice needed1,865142Aug 2018
Smart dog?45120Sep 2018
Healthy lifestyle2768Aug 2018
Fake laughter69139Aug 2018
Anybody want to compare PMs?1,17843Jun 2018
Better late than never.35614Jul 2018
Which is your favourite?73936Jun 2018
Fox News61931Jun 2018
Pillow talk.66723Apr 2018
Who's to blame?42715Jun 2018
Solved3945May 2018
Female genital observation spikes in UK.37117May 2018
I want to make friends from Barnsley47021May 2018
Needlework3518Apr 2018
Favouritism1,43354Apr 2018
Show Us Yer Arse!5849Apr 2018
Freedom of information.68929Apr 2018

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