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Cremation or buriel68223Sep 7
Oups moments4029Mar 2022
Gentleman1,07134Mar 2022
Rip philip71114Apr 2021
How many here actually leaned to communicate with a potential partner?1,01751Jan 18
Be honest when was your last date in 2022 and where50911Jan 8
What Did You Get For Christmas?1,07230Dec 27
Can you get to know someone by a couple of exchanges?44115Dec 21
slap66823Oct 5
Storm On54216Sep 23
Are you a morning person?71734Sep 18
Freedom of speech1,88352Sep 13
I am Looking for action drama type movie ideas to watch this afternoon….3579Jul 23
UK Heatwave2,707105Jul 18
So , when did you become old & bitter ?2,21770Jun 26
Why do some women lash strangers online?1,61531Jun 24
How did you choose your profile name?2,691106Jun 23
do you agree with slut shaming?2,807111Jun 17
Being Kissed while Asleep Is The Purest Form Of Love58016Jun 16
Ladies4585Jun 13
Do you drive? If so...describe it.1,14669May 2022
Why are people so judgmental ? Are they either92733May 2022
What's your main source of entertainment or enjoyment (besides/in lieu of s*x) these days?2,11295May 2022
Men, what feelings come up when you see women in noticeably false eyelashes?70816May 2022
What do old people think about ?3,27382May 2022
JOHNNY DEPP TRIAL9,387383Apr 2022
Highlights of your place and or travels (if any)2,254123Apr 2022
HOW IMPORTANT IS IT TO MAKE A GOOD/GREAT ‘FIRST IMPRESSION’ (esp. in the dating game)?89532Apr 2022
Scrabble30,6991,789Apr 2022
If falling in love was a scent...1,16358Mar 2022
Last tear47414Mar 2022
Do you know anyone on CS?1,70061Mar 2022
Pillow talk, and experimenting in bed.68927Mar 2022
Saki1,878124Mar 2022
Feb, 1482124Jan 2022
CPR ?50129Dec 2021
When I read “ God Fearing “ in a profile1,41662Dec 2021
Long nails.3829Dec 2021
Your average preferable driving speed is44727Dec 2021

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