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The Meaning of Life....2898Feb 3
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Day od the dead parade in México (November 1st and 2nd)36520Nov 2
USA's Presidential Election 2016.3,328210Oct 2016
Presents to your Mother!54410May 2015
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An event of a life time...46228Jun 2017
Before I die I want to....99377May 2017
UBER40616Mar 2017
Should Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize be revoked?1,55962Sep 2013
To Lookin: say any thing nice2,58378Nov 2016
Congratulations Hillary!2,824104Nov 2016
What your "reference" is?3281Oct 2016
What gives a country the right to own land?2,038113Jul 2014
Trump "visiting" México1,47727Sep 2016
What your IQ score is?1,93780Aug 2016
What your idea of vacation is?81519Apr 2016
Should Obama visit Cuba?2,776150May 2015
20158436Feb 2016
If You Do Not Want Refugees Knocking At Your Doors :9,468213Nov 2015
Regrets I Have a Few and I Will Mention Them2,73143Dec 2015
Alert, alert!6485Dec 2015
Pet to a Good Home4360Nov 2015
Should The Hungarian Reporter Kicking Refugees Being Punished With Jail?2,52281Oct 2015
Where is the honey???2,69966Oct 2015
EU Refugees: "It is evident that it is immoral to have it standing empty while people are dying"6,858354Sep 2015
What Is Your Risk?78813Sep 2015
Celebrating Birthdays...What would you do, Where would you go....?1,03623Aug 2015
Why did the chicken cross the road?3,31024Aug 2015
Astonishing Technology!8,253120Jun 2014
Can People Love Too Much?3,31782Apr 2015
Hunger : from a LOCAL point of view.96620May 2015
FEAR the ultimate weapon!1,96957Apr 2015
Beverages: Hot, Cold, Super Cold....3,19537May 2015
Permit to:65319May 2015
Should spelling matter for a job?1,83565Apr 2015
To Fly Is Human......... To Hover, Divine!6217Mar 2015
Should The Mex Gov Give Any Subsidy At All To Any Immigrant?1,99365Mar 2015

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