#Pink is the new Black

Today we are in the process of making the English language gender-neutral, and manliness, the quality of one gender, or rather, of one sex, seems to describe the essence of the enemy we are attacking, the evil we are eradicating.
Harvey Mansfield

We think being a woman is hard.

But I honestly think being a man is harder.

In a world, political correctness gone mad, men have to think more than twice not to be accused of sexism, racism, misogyny, prejudism, violence or some other thing when dealing with women.

With the rise of feminism, manliness was denigrated and abhorred. Most men had to adjust or were forced to be gentle - men instead of gentlemen. They lost their identity and evolved into something else.

Even here in the virtual world, I see it's men who publicly whine mostly about other blog topics, scammers and bloggers. It's not manly to whine. Men have to be assertive. Have control over themselves and fight or defend and protect themselves and the vulnerable only when threatened.

(Sorry, not trying to teach anyone to be men. Just my opinion and I rightfully like to have it. Thank you)

Women stood up, fought and got to a place where they deemed was right for them. ( Whether women got it right is another topic for another blog.)

Will I die without finding a knight in rustic armour?

I don't mind actually dying without a knight if the Knights came in pink.

Will men fight back to get to their rightful right to be men, manly men with honour and valour ? dunno

Or will they shape their eyebrows, start painting their lips and nails, look pretty and start a hashtag #pink is the new black ?
uh oh

( P.S. Not really looking for a knight. just wanted to add this picture to my blog and couldn't think of a better way.)

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Pink wow talk to hand a bridge too far professor laugh
Usha...well said....Let’s have some recognition of masculinity! Oh for the day to return when all women respect and cherish men for their male and masculine roles. Equality in pay, in standing in society, in respect, in opportunites and so forth...yes to all!

But if I want to call myself a fireman or a salesman or a hornyman...I will, because I am a man. And a woman should be proud to say saleswoman, policewoman...because they are!
Where did all these terms like flight attendant come from? What’s wrong with the good old air hostess or air host?

Ok...I am off to build a shed! Lol cheers
Ms usha, it's called effeminacy and God clearly says it's a sin along with homosexuality and adulterers.
Now, on must ask what could God of possibly known about effeminacy thousandths of years ago?

Remember, satan rules the earth and God rules the world....
Cheap and easy foreign labour trying to undercut our women.
Both sexes are in a different time now. But each can still be respectful to each other. It's about how the change happens I feel. If both speak and listen and are ok with the changes whilst retaining who they are. Then I feel good things oughtta happen peace . I like the respect of each other way. But to realise how nice it actually is. We need the opposite. Otherwise we wouldn't realise what we have. teddybear
You just want to lower your price so much until some white slob or socially alienated weirdo comes a calling.
I love the men that will wear a pink shirt and some of them are just damn handsome in it. I think it is silly of a man who says he won't wear it.

I used to think raising a daughter would be harder than a son as I would worry more about the s*xual situations they can get in. However I worried just as much about my son being accused of getting someone pregnant and there was no DNA back then. I worried more about my son when it came to driving. Oh hell I just worried as a Mom.

Men are experiencing it a bit harder now women are growing in power as equals rather than subservient. Historically they have had it much easier than woman and still we don't command the same respect as them in the bigger old school corporations.
'...will they shape their eyebrows, start painting their lips and nails, look pretty and start a hashtag #pink is the new black ?'
uh oh
NO! scold

'( P.S. Not really looking for a knight. just wanted to add this picture to my blog and couldn't think of a better way.)'
thumbs up
Good pic. Will share....typing


happy birthday usha!...cake

Miclee...oh is it?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY USHA bouquet kiss wine
I am sorry Z. grin I didn't want to go with orange because it's a colour associated with Trump. I avoid that name coming up in my blog to the best I can because we have more than enough blogs on him. laugh
Mas masculino es mejor handshake
Okay Robbie, don't talk about masculinity, get in the Tarzan costume, hunt a wild boar and fetch some wood. Clean the darn boar and put it on a spit roast. I call you a man, and may be myself a h*rny woman after that.
rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing

I know I ask for too much.grin

Thank you!bouquet ( for the wishes)
Hi usha, I once bought a turquoise shirt and after wearing it I started thinking it was a womans shirt, even was asking people their opinion.

Now could you imagine the torture I would put myself through if I bought a pink shirt. laugh

Seaworthy, I googled effeminacy. Thank you. Never knew it.grin

You said,
"Now, one must ask what could God of possibly known about effeminacy thousandths of years ago?"

May be there were girly men even then.laugh
I like the knite....
heart wings
Chesney darling, You must be knowing that companies operate to make profits. They undercut your women for cheap and easy labour to make profit. That's what you call doing business I think.

What ever made you type that comment. confused dunno
Daears, times have changed indeed.

Respect is important in every human interaction. I think both genders must earn it than expecting it to be given just because they are a man or a woman.
Chesney, I am saved by God's grace. I don't have to sell myself cheap or lower myself to just any slob, white or black. I don't know what made you make that comment either.

May be I don't understand your Majesty's language correct to figure out how these comments are relevant to my blog topic.
frustrated confused sigh
Unfayzed, I don't have any problem with men wearing pink. Even the Knights as long as they still rock manliness. laugh

The lack of masculinity in men, inwards than outwards. I am sorry I think I made it sound more outward manliness by adding pink to it.

I don't know how hard it is to bring up a son, but I always wanted a son.

I believe in earning respect than demanding it on both genders.
Mic, I think most men of your generation grew up in quite solid family backgrounds with proper male role models without any confusions. In my opinion of course.

So, I take your No as a solid No.

Thank you.bouquet
Miguel,handshake I will translate that tomorrow morning with Google. Nice to see new faces.thumbs up
You'd look great in pink Whenever. Don't sweat about it. From what I read from you, I have gathered you are a gentleman. thumbs up
usha, thanks for the kind words. hug

I found this interesting video thanks to googling effeminacy. Just sharing.
Blue sky, I don't mind the Knight too.laugh
Ms usha, good vid...but short of the overall arcing issue. Taking his examples of a young boy being raped, or sees a traumatic effect , like his mom being beaten by his dad breaks the child's spirit, but most important breaks a part of his soul. And as I've mentioned here many times before it's the 'Captured Soul' that creates the sin that God is trying for us to avoid. I hope this gives you the complete picture and so far satan seems to be ruling many.....to many.....
For the record, usha...

I did not say, 'No' scold
The precise quote would be...'NO!'

What should we call this new colourful haze of human misconception,
if that is what it is.
Plack or Blink ?

OR perhaps our old brains are blind to this concept of Millennial genius.
Lets all shake our wrinkled fists to the sky in defiance of our near forgotten
male/female rhetoric.

I didn´t read your blog Usha, I was just mesmerised by your picturesmitten
Oh my Lord Thor in pink wow

And wearing pink ribbons as well doh

Sorry Usha but I must restore his true image.....smitten

Ps, belated birthday wishes cake wine
Sea, soul is too deep for me. I can't understand soul and mind or where to draw the line to separate them. That's why I try and stick with fundamentals.
Mic, laugh I stand corrected the answer was "NO" instead of "No".cool handshake

Pink don't suit me very well laugh
nonsmoker, good to see you back .

Don't forget to beat your chest too while you're at it.

Track, stick with black then.hug bouquet
Me, tossing the strawberry away and holding your face in both my hands, looking in your mesmerized eyes and asking,

"What are you waiting for bnaughty?"

Or should I just lower myself...
Sorry Itchy, didn't know you were a Thor fan. I have watched only one of those movies and only thing that stood in my memory was "puny god" laugh

Thank you for the wishes. Hope and pray you are keeping well and strong.bouquet hug
Thanks Usha,

But at my age chest beating will only lead to respiratory failure laugh
@Itchy and Usha

What about if I wear pink boxers? rolling on the floor laughing grin kiss
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