About last night

Last night there were two good monologues I watched on TV late at night.
I figured I would share them with you on here, as the more intelligent members
would be likely to enjoy some comedy (based on truth) after a tough day wave

First up was Stephen Colbert;

Part 1

Comments (10)

Part 2;

and lastly, Part 3;

As a bonus, here is James Corden's excellent monologue from last night;

and here is Trevor Noah's take on Sessions replacement;


Trump the spin doctor always claiming to be winning, but all we're hearing is whining.. rolling on the floor laughing

You got that right Jack.
Thanks... Yeah, it's a pleasure to read your blog posts and catch up on late night.. wave

The next couple of years should be entertaining watching Trump squirm as he tweets vitriolic at every House vote.. laugh
I'm glad you enjoy them Jack, Thanks for stating so.
With the change in the House, Trump has become more of a lame duck.
So, whatever he says is even less relevant.
He does have a habit of incriminating himself further.
So, as the impeachment trial gets closer, it will get interesting to see
how his Twitter & public press interview struggles further point to and ensnare his guilt.
Jim - I enjoyed your takes on Trump. I can hardly wait for January 5, 2019 , it's going to be interesting !!!
studecar professor
It certainly will be interesting & entertaining.
My prediction, is that Trump will be done before 2019 is over.
But, you never know. With people like Kavanaugh in the Senate,
they may vote in favor of Trump despite clear evidence.
luania: "hnn"(meet us in the blogs)

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