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A Pro Trump Ad

Sure, most of America knows better than to vote for a corrupt lying demagogue, who divides America and can't balance his own bank account.
But, are they the only voice ?
Lets be fair and hear from the minority, who think Trump is good for America.
I know. Sure, we've heard far too much nonsense from them already. But, the people in this pro-Trump ad are
somewhat less obnoxious. They calmly, tell us, what Trump means to them without the moronic name calling.
Watch fully & give a complete listen and let me know what you think;

Comments (6)

"I Wonder............... Just How Many People"

"Are Putting Up These Blogs With Your Picture?"

"There Are Three Shifts In A 24 Hour Period"

"So There Must Be One For Each Shift"

"That Aside?"


"Are One of America's Enemies"

"And Those Who Collude With You?"

"Are Ameriica's Enemy Also"..................................detective
That video could be funny if it was not TRUE.

God save America.
Numb - Thanks for that projection about yourself. tip hat
We know you are a Trump supporter (and a whiner),
so we know your judgement is terrible.

But, what's the deal with you putting over 3/4 of the comments
below your own blog.... by you ?
And it's not just a few comments. It's often LOTS.
Self promotion ? Jealousy of the top spot ?
The latter certainly fits into your overall persona.
Either way, it's evidence of some real personal problem(s).
My advice is to seek professional help. You need it. Honestly.
Taking things that happened back in the 60's to you out on people today is pathetic.
I hope I don't read a tragic story about you in the news one day.
L - I know what you mean. There is truth in humor though.
The hate groups Neo-Nazis, Alt-Right & KKK were certainly supporters of Trump.
There's no doubt of that. And Trump excused their actions in Charlottesville,
and them in general, by referring to them as "very fine people".
He also embraces dictators, like Putin & Kim. So, we have a good idea of where his priorities lie.
Guess what. Those comments are being mad by people who are not racist, white power or the others. I am sick and tired of my vote being picking between the jerk and the jackass. I like Trump because he is what he is with not the baloney..well.. half the baloney of career politicians. He is the Alfred E. Neuman, the donald duck and the none of the above votes people write in. But, since real, he got elected.
When the two parties stop their cat fighting and offer a candidate who is real, may the Trumps wont win.
How about a candidate who says, I promise nothing except will try to do what is good for all and we will work together and see. Not the lip service we have heard for decades. Once they get elected it is all for me and to heck with you.tongue
a prolific liar, a racist, corrupt, a demagogue, and the worst president in US history. thumbs down

Did you also like Jeffrey Dahmer ? He was, what he was.

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