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The Iceman cometh.

Guess I have to admit it, warm weather is over.crying I hate cold. I hate snow. Now if I could just figure out how to put a trailer hitch on a farm and become a snow bird.
I refuse to surrender. Bucket is still on outside wood furnace chimney. So started the fireplace. Most inefficient system invented. How much heat goes up and out, even with the heatiltors these have.
Plus bark and bits all over the floors from carrying in the wood. It is so nice to have the outside one, debris stays outside.
Geese are flying everyday. The river is full of Sandhill cranes. When I was a kid, never heard of them. A restoration project brought them back. Now they number hundreds on the river. Between the geese and cranes on does NOT want to walk barefoot on the sandbars. It becomes the river sewage flow.
I always wondered about the sense in looking up when geese fly over. Read somewhere they dump to lighten their load when they launch. Thank goodness. Saves us dumb idiots who look up.
I was outside, cats around like have 4 feet, I have 2 and I can't walk with 6!very mad mumbling frustrated I hear the weirdest noise, cats are looking around too. Is it my chickens in distress. Then it dawned on me...snow geese!doh They are not around much, just pass over mainly. And the strangest gabble you ever heard. Although the Mergansers sound weird too.
My birds are home from the north. I put seeds out every morning in the satellite dish nailed to the side of the deck. I call them and they come flying in. And I yell at my cats..NO!scold sigh
Hens come up to the house, where is our seeds? I toss into the flower bed terrace. They do good raking.cheering They have lots of the leaves off the terrace already. I like them, they work for birdseed.wink
Finally had a killing frost. All my bucket planters are done except the lima beans. I don't know if I can protect them or not. Leave them covered and hope. Everything was so blasted slow this year.
I had seen ONE pear on my tree. Wrapped screen around it and watched it all summer. Saw it had fallen into the wire. Went the next day and it was Wire and all. A whole summer I waited!very mad Thinking s blasted squirrel?
This Saturday getting guys together and finish splitting wood and fill woodshed. Next state got 8 inches of snow already.
Crossing fingers. First deer hunt, 70 degrees in November. First Halloween bash, 70 at night. Boy did I get suckered. But, hope springs eternal. Mild winter. PLEASE?blues

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I'm actually munching on, enjoying a pear at the moment.....
I promise you, it wasn't me that stole or took your one and only uncertain scold lol

Enjoyable read wine
hope your winter is as you wished.
We have been promised a very cold and snowy winter. The first is going to come this Friday.
Snow Is beautiful on the mountains and that is where it should fall and okay on the bushes and trees.
I always dread the roads when it snows, had a few close calls.
Even worse is when the roads are frozen and slippery, especially when not having winter tires.
So Orzzz I share this with you, ban the winter and ban snow on the roads. handshake

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