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Pet Peeves... well sure, I've got a few...

Answering a landline... the phone rings and you pick up the handset but the coiled cord is so wound up that bringing the handset to your ear pulls the base up from the desk!
very mad

It cannot be so hard that when you answer the phone you hang up by putting it back into the cradle the same way you picked it up.
Unless there are office gremlins going around in the middle of the night twisting cords, I have no explanation for this phenomena.

The desk I inherited was once used by many until I took control. Go somewhere else to answer a call. I wipe it with alcohol a few times a day. I usually get to the office by 10 and some are there by 8. It's not hard to see if the phone has been used. I have to detach the cord and hold it out to unravel the coiled cord so it stays flat.

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When it should be this:
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Come to think of it, I don't remember this being a problem back when land line was all we had. You've got gremlins at the office, and I've got them at home.
Lots here as well, my friend. One of my 'favorites' is when some behave with a great disingenious style. As in being quick to change directions on policy, soon after, VERY soon, things change, to match their sensibilities, while ascribing it to other motives, or to no motives at all. Excepting perhaps cost of doing business.
Bit of that about.
But yes, robo calls are a close second.
Despite being a landline, the handset can be wireless.

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