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Attending my first truck show!

I deleted the previous blog, because it didn't give any information about the event. So here goes with a more descriptive blog.

Every year, a trucking industry hosts an even called Transport Øst, or Transport East. It's the biggest event on Zealand, and there's gonna be a lot of different exhibitors there. Among the attendees are:

Mercedes-Benz CPH
Nyscan Trucks A/S
Volvo Denmark A/S
Scania Denmark A/S
Lastas Truck Denmark A/S
Scanvo Trucks Denmark A/S
REA Commercial Vehicles A/S
Andersen Cars A/S

Apart from that, there will be trailers, fuel suppliers, forklifts, cranes, education centers (one of them is my school), tires, financing departments, banks and different accessories vendors.

At the event, you can get behind the wheel of brand new trucks, strike up a conversation with different companies and generally create connections, that you can use in your future. Think of it as SEMA but for trucking. An event not open to the public, but to people in a specific field. This case, it's trucking.

I am so excited for this! It's gonna be my first ever show like this. Later on in the education, we are also going to the biggest transport exhibition in Denmark, which hosts 250+ exhibitors, conferences, show trucks, rc trucks, old trucks and the Danish Apprenticeship Championship. Plus a LOT of other things as well. However, I am not sure if it's this year or next year, but I will ask tomorrow. Hopefully it's gonna be this year.

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