You know the saying it never rains but it pours?

That pretty much sums up the past few days.. You know about my covid diagnose, but two more things happened.

One of my housemates died, and I lost my apprenticeship..

I will not go into detail about the death, since it's still pretty fresh. One day, maybe. Just not now.

I would rather talk about the absolute disaster that is me basically getting fired. So what happened? I don't know. They wouldn't tell me what made them decide to fire me, not even when I asked them. The thing is, when a company fires someone here in Denmark, they have to provide a reason for doing so. I haven't received a reason. Some say it's because I got covid and had to move my driving license course, but I think it's something else. Why do I think that? Because I called them and told them about the death of my housemate, and an hour and a half later, I was fired.

The next step is to open up a case against them through my trade union representative. I am told I can possibly receive some form of payment for an unjustified firing. We'll see what happens.

So what's next? I am still going to look for another apprenticeship. If I can't find one, then I am still going to finish my driving license course, since it's already been paid for.

I am SO happy it's Friday, so this week can end.
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That's a hell week alright Phil, keep your head up and stay positive mate.. there is possibility they have made a mistake..
They obviously suspect you of murdering your housemate. You have to prove your innocence and clear your name.
Yes, he might have sounded guilty on the phone.
Perhaps redefine your lines of privacy, professor
Philipson could it be that by mentioning what happened to your roommate that they thought you easily fall apart why else would you have mentioned the fact...............
Let them tell you first as that is your right, just don't put words in their mouth
The question really is: why did you find the need to inform your employer about the death of your pal? It is of absolutely no interest to them. If you asked for emergency leave or didn't show up at work with the excuse of your pal's death, then I can prolly understand, though perhaps not condone, your employer's actions.
Not saying any of this was directly your fault, but how did I know your latest career just wouldn't work out?uh oh
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