Yesterday in Atlanta, Georgia a Subway customer shot 2 employees over too much mayonnaise on a sandwich. One died and the other needed surgery.
The news story didn't have too much detail but I could see a storefront window shattered from a bullet. Were the shots fired from inside?

I'm curious why so many police crime scene markers are on the ground outside the restaurant.

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Pure madness!!! shock He was either on some illegal substance or totally out-of-his mind crazy! Shooting someone for putting too much mayonnaise on your sandwich eyes confused
Just another sign of the break down of society and the spoiled people who were never disciplined.
Now I know it was way extreme, but...on a silly note. I vaguely side with him. My boarder works at one, brought home a sub for me and I told him later, less mayo. Hit globs that are like cottage cheese. He said that is not the problem. Order is 3 lines of mayo or whatever dressing. But, Subway has switched to a shelf stable mayo. So they dont have to keep it cold anymore in the frig. The new stuff is nasty actually.
Another decision by corporate that screws the buyer.mumbling
Yeah, mayonnaise...
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