Hens and goats.

Hens are confusing me. From a dozen a day to nothing. Lucky to find one egg. Now, a few hens are 3 and maybe ran out of eggs?dunno Hot temps lessens laying. But, I think I have an egg sucker. So taking plastic Easter eggs and casting concrete fake eggs for nest boxes. Peck on this biatch!very mad Yesterday picked one off the floor. Now how on earth did a hen flip a concrete egg over the board and out of the nest? What do I have? Schwarzenegger hens?
Now next trick. Pulled hay out so no hunting for bugs or seeds in boxes. And nailed a cloth over two adjoining boxes to make them darker. Next trick will be to blow an egg and fill with mustard. That will be a mess. sigh
I know tenant says has to chase chickens out in am. I go down at noon and chase them out again. I think my old hens and their attendant roosters are coop soured.
Now to goats. First off..I hate goats. Reason I have a ewe. Had goats. Every time happy when the pests croaked. Needed a recording..GET OFF THE CARS! Get back in the barnyard! Tenant texted me. Gal he knows wants to know if I want a billy goat yet to be born.confused Uh..if not born yet, how do you know male???She told him except for one female, always birthing males. They are pygmy goats, small and affectionate. So goggle we go. 17-20 inches tall. 30 to 60 pounds. Hardy. I texted back..only if castrated and weaned. NOT bottle feeding. Been there and done with..we ran 144 head of sheep.
Yes to that. Hmmmm...let me think about it. Be 2 or 3 months anyway.
Goats eat brush. Weeds. Mule seems to be winding down, he is 33. Ewe will be alone. And she is picky. I dont eat THAT. Nor THAT. And she has the attention span of a toddler. SQUIRREL!roll eyes
With my luck, mule doesnt die in winter winds, ewe does or both do and I end up with a stinking billy goat.crying
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