WOW!...Last week was really my worst week this year (so far)...and I'm still recovering.

Who'd have thought that something you'd experienced at least 4 times in the past (and had minimal stress with), would come at you again with such intensity, pain and discomfort, that it made you consider SURGERY as a 'fix', seriously!

It was as though I was in a time warp of pain, sweats, inability to swallow, loss of taste and interest in food, sipping mostly on Gatorade and water, tossing to and fro as I tried to get some sleep each day, not even knowing what time of the day or even what the day was. No, not even what day it was. My sister (thank God for her), had a laugh at me when I asked her (on Saturday) to go into the bank for me to conduct some business on our behalf. I thought that it was Friday.
Now, whilst that ordeal was certainly bad enough, add to it a case of DIARRHEA!!! Yep. Apparently, too much Gatorade and water, but not enough of anything else (solid) made my body engage in repeated 'elimination' for about 2 days straight, and I can honestly say (after what I saw, and...), "better out than in".

I'm not fully recovered yet (but thank God for the painkillers, antibiotics and solid food), as I haven't regained my senses of smell and taste (crucial for savouring), have a serious phlegmy after-cough, back pain, weakness, and occasional sweats. I've made an appointment for a specialist 'check-up', as I feel sure that my "inherited medical condition" has been greatly impacted by this last bout of distress, and have returned to using some natural treatments to help my body's restoration. Time will tell how soon I'll repair.

Maybe I should have taken out the da*n tonsils from the very first instance they gave me problems! doh Who's to say that the next time won't be deadly?
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Yes have them taken out because you could get Covid and have an infection again at the same time. Or you could just put time into getting right with the Lord because you may see him very soon, good luck ! wave
You know Ray, Covid and a Tonsilitis infection sounds ominous indeed! I'm just such a "nervous Nelly" about having surgery...woe is memoping
Hope you feel better soonsad flower
I was wondering where you got to, but glad to see you back and feeling some what better comfort

A full and speedy recovery to you Didi teddybear

Didi have the operation. I had mine taken out at age 20 there is not much to it really............teddybear
Thanks so much mbken and CW, I am working at it...teddybear

And BJ... I'll ask the Specialist about having the surgery, when I see him at my appointment. I need to be sure about this...teddybear
I'm sorry you had to go through that. I think surgery is different for different ages, so I would stick to the doctors advice.
Hope you continue to feel better. bouquet
Thank you for your kind words hpylady. I agree with you (and I'm no "spring chicken"), so having surgery and managing the post-surgery healing process are simple but VERY IMPORTANT concerns for me.
Didi 7 ~ Tonsilitis is a horrible and debilitating illness.It leaves you feeling low and then you get another dose. I went through my teens having tonsilitis where i could hardly swallow, i took lozenges, I was so ill with the doses that eventually at 27, i was losing time at work and I went to an ear nose throat surgeon.

He was appalled that the tonsils had not been taken out. He said my food had not been doing any good as my bloods showed i was very run down from years of swollen tonsils, they would be nealry purple.

I had them out and yep it is painful at that age as they've hardened but he said it was the best thing to do as they were not helping my health.

I have not had a sore throat since. I hope you are feeling better soon. Manuka honey in hot water, the highest you can afford helps alot. bouquet
wave Thanks for the advice UV, I'm definitely considering doing the surgery, once the Specialist has no other acceptable alternative (Sadly, I may also have to see an ENT specialist for a follow-up consult). Until then, I'm trying to eat/drink/do what I can to restore my health, naturally.
Although, I can't relate I wish you well. It is better to deal with the source of any pain than to suffer.
Yes, I agree Friendship. Thank you for your kind words.handshake
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