10 years ago I was tipping my hairstylist about 1/3 the price of a haircut.
4 bucks for a 12 dollar cut that usually took her 20 minutes.
I went to her last week and haircuts now are 24 dollars so the tip was $8

Same style haircut, same time to do it, double the price in 10 years.
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Wow you’re generous. I only tip my stylist 20%.
Thats a heavy tip. I was at my last appointment 10 years ago at 18 then slip a twenty. I had a barber that liked playing in my hair. She owned two shops and was gift. In and out in less than 15min. I have natural wave n curl n women love it. Donna was a nice ride than one day in 2010 I went 7yrs without a cut. Alway every 6 weeks and still haven't had a cut in twelve. After 2017 It was long and I pull it back and clip my hair right on rubber band. I don't need sex and that was why I got hair cuts for my attraction. My friend cut the dope smoking professors he at college a while back He may have made news.One day he was in before me and I knew who he was said Donna hook me the same day as this pot head professor books his,

True rolling on the floor laughing
I had the opposite happen the other day. They hadn't put the prices up when I felt they should have done, so I gave them £15 anyway. But I think in Britain we have a different understanding of what a tip is. Here it's something you earn like a bonus.
My old seat

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— with Jason Nolf.

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Just think Chat My barber had her own shop and had four chairs and she could butch me in less than 15 minutes the others were slower but productive. She was cutting before She was driving at home in Her fathers place. Over head was was over ten grand in 2010 but fast enough for me and not a nosey or gossip type. Those are good qualities in the industry. She went that way once in the beginning but stoped her intrusive style and was happy.
here we say.... tipping is a
bad.... habit

some do it though... laugh
Many service jobs in America pay very little as management expects the workers to be compensated by tips (gratuity) and in some restaurants it's shared with the other waitresses/servers.
I like the cut I get from my stylist and think the percent is fair.

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Asking the greeter and other stylists, some guys are giving tips of $2 and don't consider the overall price of the cut.
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