Queen Elizabeth II, longest-reigning British monarch, dead at 96

Queen Elizabeth, a beloved leader who ascended to the throne at age 25 in 1952, died Thursday at her Balmoral Castle estate in Scotland.

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sad flower sad indeed. The end of an era.
Moments after the Queen passed this photo was taken outside of Buckingham Palace.

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We won't see the likes of her again... It's so sad but not unexpected. What a perfect woman and what a perfect reign... She'll live forever in our hearts and our history...crying

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heart wings heart wings heart wings
The Queen of all Queens ...
Elizabeth, shone like no other, the likes of which, we shall never see again.

Somewhere over the rainbow, may she rest in peace with hers..angel

Very sad to hear the Queen has died.... sad flower

paix à son âme rose <3

That she were, sir roll eyes
that she were.

sad flower
The bell of the US National Cathedral tolls 96 times marking her passing ...

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Rest In Peace, Your Majesty sad flower sad flower sad flower
thumbs up

Rarely (if Ever) in Human History has AnyOne been the Right Person for the Times -
For such a Long Time.

The Passing Of An Era may be an Understatement.

She could make Murkuns regret their Revolution ... Almost.

History doesn't reveal its Alternatives - BUT ...
If Britain had the Likes of Her instead of George Iii -
Would There've Been an American Revolution??


Compare her to the Queen Mum, her mother. In a time when women were reserved and expected to tend to health and home, she lead a nation and took on un-womanly tasks.
Think of what she did and saw in 96 years. And era ends.
No more that girlish, impish smile that warmed everyone.bouquet
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