New Nature photoalbum

Good afternoon to all wave

For those who may be interested,
I JUST posted a new nature photoalbum
containing 26 photos that I snapped
on 3/4/2012 down in Florida. cool

They include a puppy (OK, technically not a nature photo),
several birds (Limpkin, Anhinga, Osprey, Great Blue Herons),
a green dragonfly, some yellow wasps and lots of terrific sunset
photos from that evening.

I you have a favorite applause , or one you hate very mad , feel free to say so.
For this blog only, comments are 1/2 price. grin

There are 2 pages of photos in this album
and you can click on any individual photo
to see a larger version of that picture. thumbs up

here's the link

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awesome photos...thumbs up
Hi Jim, good work as always, my favorites are 11 and 26... the one of the puppy was a good one to, but the once I mentioned is my favorites. Thank you for sharing. I wish you a wonderful week to come. teddybear
wave Hey! Great photos. Jimmie!
Thanks B & W & A. I'm glad you enjoyed them.

W - #11 is of an osprey soaring above a large pond in search of fish
and the last photo #26 is the last sunset photo on page 2.
It is silhouettes of palm trees at the edge of Stuart Harbor
just after the sun dipped below the horizon. peace
JIM FASCINATING I AM AMAZED AT HOW YOU GET THEM ALL TO STAY STILL SO YOU CAN PAINT YOUR DETAILS ON THEIR FEATHERS rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Very nice pictures:))
Beautiful shots... thank you for sharing wave
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