So first date,......................

You go to a restaurant for dinner, do you expect the guy to pay or do you at least offer to split the bill, me personally I would think more of my date if she offered to split it, but I would cover the full cost being an old fashioned gent,....angel

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I would offer to pay, and would be willing to, but if he were somebody I'd like to meet again, I would like if he paid.
I know it is a contradiction, but maybe I am old fashioned as well.
I would of course pay for the drinks if we were going out afterwards.
And over time, if we were dating, it would even itself out.
So Molly, if you didnt like him you would pay but if you did like him you would like it if he paid lol?
Scotty I'm old fashion the man should
Basically yes.

If I didn't want to meet him again, I don't think it would be fair to let him pay.
We'd just both pay our share and go our separate ways. No harm done.
I haven't been on a first date in a long time. I definitely pull out my wallet when the check comes, no matter who I'm with or who's idea it was to get together. My friends and I tend to take turns paying for the meals.

If a man invited me out to dinner and I pulled out my wallet to pay my half and he didn't balk, I must admit I would wonder if he's a cheap skate. It might influence my decision as to whether to go out with him again. Must be an old mindset that is stuck in here somewhere.
I always offer to split on first date. Then if there's a second time I also offer although I'd expect him to pay if he's invited me.
Makes perfect sense to me, Scotty laugh

If you don't like someone you don't want to be under any obligation of any sort.

If you do like him, his wanting to pay is a way of him saying he likes you too, wants to make this an ongoing thing.

Any clearer?

Probably not laugh

But I would say a woman who insists on splitting the bill with you might not be bowled over by you .... roll eyes
Hello Scotty,wave I figure myself to be old fashioned. When I invite a girl out for supper, I intend to pay for it, because I didn t invite the girl out to buy me supper. rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing Hope that makes sense. And if we seem to connect, maybe I ll be invited over for a homecooked meal, or out again for another meal, (a sure sign things are going well) There is some good thinking that goes into being old fashioned.
I m still chuckling to myself about asking a girl out to buy me supper,rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Er, when I started writing that comment Molly's was the only reply. Oops!
Yes I'd much prefer the Old- fashioned way where the man paid but I have on occasion paid.

I'm not a feminist woman cause I still like it when men use Chivalry which some have said it didn't exist anymore.I know it does quite often.
I have always paid wether we clicked or not, I just feel its the right thing to do, I would feel embarrassed to ask the date to split and feel a right tight git lol,.........
The last time I went out it wasn't a date as such, but he insisted on paying, so I put my wallet away again. No coffee available at the restaurant, so on the way back to the station I saw a nice pub with wood beams and roaring fire, you know the type, and offered to buy him coffee.

Except when the coffee reached the table, my wallet wasn't in my bag. I'd dropped it back at the restaurant. He had to buy the coffees as well blushing
Scotty, my male friends feel the same way. They prefer to pay.

But at the same time, if the lady really wants to split it, you should go with it.
I would always get the door too for her to walk through first and pull out her chair for her to sit and gently push her back into the table,.......
You have a good heart Scotty...heart1
@Legs, thats funny lol,........

@Molly, Im not sure I could do that,......
I like the door opening thing.

But the seat pulling always discombobulates me laugh

I don't think it makes it easier, more difficult if anything
1to1to1, nothing wrong in being an old fashioned gent in my eyes to show that romance and chivalry is still alive,..........
Well the very least I could do is ask if you wanted your seat done for you,......
Thank you MH,......hug
Scotty, if we ever go on a dinner date, you are opening the door, you are paying, but stay away from my chair professor

Ha ha love it,................................laugh
I'm with Molly's thinking on this one! tip hat
The chair pulling thing can be alleviated by requesting a booth. :D I like them boothes.
Scotty I would pay, also dinks that come afterwards and even hold open the door. Maybe all will tink me being oldfashioned but I'm sure the girls still like our style bouquet hug
Gyp, not all restaurants have booths here.

So I have to be quite insistent on the chair thing laugh
I would pay. Personally though, I think it would be a more fun date to go to the local dump, smoke some joints, and shoot some rats banana
Ever the romantic Track lol,.................laugh
Oh yes Track that sounds like a lot of fun...laugh laugh
Track, Biff could have done with your rat killing skills yesterday
Track....a day late and a dollar short, man! Biff was in an awful bind and you were nowhere to be found! tsk tsk tsk....moping
Biff likes going to the dump shooting rats? Cool grin
Nah, she didn't have to leave the comfort of her own house to find themlaugh
Yeah, Track, kept your light under a bushel there, didn't ya? mumbling
lol, I know, I seen her blog, I'm just having fun.

The rat wouldn't have been alive if it was my cat uh oh
well have yet to meet a woman that paid .I don't mind as its me would have asked out anyway .if the woman wanted to pay I don't know what id do if they could just smile pretend its not doomsday its just coffee not a death sentence
i like the chair idea.......i like a spare at my table........if its very apparant shes not going tp split the bill....i pick the chair up .....and hit her over the head with it.....professor please.....giggle giggle giggle
It's not doomsday for either, JJ laugh

I rarely go on dates, and even rarely go for dinner on a first date.

However, on the couple of coffee dates I did go on, I paid.
ah yeah met one woman that kept giving me wallets new ones never a few bob in them where she got I don't know wallets I have woman gone but the coffee was nice with the tart
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