I’m getting a new mattress today

I think the old one has bad energy. Don’t want any negativity in the boudoir

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okay... picture of you on the new mattress and ui will perform a longdistance magic spell for good luck,prosperity and lots of action ...for only $99.95
I use memory foam

At least that will remember the fun times even if my own memories fade
I gotta do that too. My old one has lot of water stains on it. So much so, one of my ex's referred to it as a Water Bed. doh
I have always heard flip your mattress every 6 months and replace after 9 years. Why 9 years I don't know I guess it takes that long to get rid of bad energy.

I think my bad energy is coming from my pillar
Hope you will have nice dreams on your new mattress.
Test it with the delivery man, return it if it doesnt work.

Keep both if it does.
laugh Hey, remember that it takes 2 men to carry a mattress into the house and up stairs....rolling on the floor laughing
girlon awing you cant say delivery man is sexist has to be delivery person is how we do here
JJ, are you promoting a lesbian encounter? wow

Jar of honey, new matress, lesbian delivery personnel... What could possibly go wrong?
I bought honey today
Cool. Maybe there is more to the story you'd like to share with us.
I keep my honey spreading private.
Most would agree its the cleaning up which generates more interest than the spreading all over the place.
I’m getting a new mattress today roll eyes

Show off sleep sleep sleep
I do the spreading so I expect someone else to do the cleaning.

Fair's fair.
It really should be more of a give and take thing. You cant always expect to be the one administering the capilano, without respecting the turn system.
Life's not always fair, Pat

There are givers and takers out there

Man up.
Yes molly,
Life is a Butch conversing
It is indeed, Non sad flower
The old Italian delivery man liked my decor
Palmfrond: "under the influence"(meet us in the blogs)

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