My family is going through a difficult time right now, my mother which is 89 years old and just lost her husband back in May has found out that my brother as taken advantage of her and me and my other brother.

She and my other brother and myself has trusted him to take care of my mothers affairs, come to find out he has taken her for $70,000 and has fixed it where me and my brother are not on the Insurance policy so everything will go to him plus her bank accounts.

Thank God we was able to find this out and have now fixed all his wrong doings other than the money he has already got. so now he is out of her will and will not receive anything else.

He got caught and now has nothing to do with any family member, even his mother.

Now not to many people know what has happen but it is funny how friends of the family for years have taken sides with my brother, with out knowing all the facts or some not even knowing any of the facts.

Friends are nice to have, but if you going to be a friend be a friend.

Sorry just venting.

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Hi Wen,
Is it not amazing all the trouble that inheritance can cause.? sigh
Hi Wen,

I hope everything for you and the rest of your family works out!thumbs up
Hi Catfoot, yes it is, this was the brother I believe I told you about some years ago, he is a lawyer and was county Judge here for 28 years.

I remember him telling me years ago...what will tear a family apart is when someone dies and they have money or property...

He was fixing this for him before she even died.
Hi Jim wave Thank God we found all this out, and now have fixed it. The sad thing is my Mother is heart broken that her son that she trusted would do this.
Something similar just went down with a friend of mine. Not pretty at all...blues
You have a bad brother Wen.

If that was done to my mother even though she left us when we were younger , and if she was collective I would encourage her to put him before the court , he is not trustworthy and that money do not belong to him . Bless is the child that have his own .
@ Luke, no not pretty at all. the thing that is getting me now is these so called friends of the family. dunno
Hi LJ wave hear this,, His family are Christians, his wife plays piano in Church his son is a Deacon in Church and he plays bass and sings in Church. His family knows all he done and was part of it.

They give Christians a bad name.
Hi Ann wave We went to a lawyer and she made a Will and we discussed taking action to get money back. We decided there has been enough hurt done, and my mother is 89 she is heart broken enough now with out adding any more on her.

A big AMEN to that!
@ Jim thumbs up thank you
wen you say His family are Christians, his wife plays piano in Church his son is a Deacon in Church and he plays bass and sings in Church. His family knows all he done and was part of it.

They give Christians a bad name.

Wen sorry that happened but just because someone attends church,the wife plays piano in church and the son is a Deacon of the church and plays bass and sings in church doesn't make someone a Christian.

It really has to do with someones actions.
Hello Wen,

Sorry to hear. I have heard of similar stories many times. I hope your family can heal overall and come to amends.

Hi Cc wave I hope you are staying warm, we are starting to get a touch of winter here now laugh

all I am saying on that matter, is how can you carry on a Christian life and knowing what you done to your family. we fixed the wrong they done to us, now they have to answer to God what they have done as a Christian.
Hi Johnny, when we was in the lawyers office this is what she said, if you take him to court that will probably be the end of ever making amends with him and family. I believe she is right I would love to see him and my mother come to peace with one another, she is heart broken.
Hello Wen,wave When it comes to wills, estates ,and insurances , greed will rear its ugly head,doh My Mom passed away 4.5 yrs ago, and my sister and myself handled her will, no problem, correction PROBLEM. My sisters husband figured he should handle matters, as a result my sister and I haven t spoke to each other in 4 yrs. That I can handle, but have lost a lot of friends,due t the fact,they don t know the whole story. Me being an honest person, figured my friends would have at least respected me for that. True friends are hard t find.
Hi 1 I feel a lot of what you just said, I think I could live with out having a relationship with my brother and his family.

my problem with him is what he done to my mother and her hurt.

this is what my blog was about is the friend thing, a family friend for years should still be a family friend, and like you said don't even know all the facts.

Thanks for your comment thumbs up
Back Again,wave Wen ,I ve found trying moments really show who your true friends are. I found there s friends and there s people who just want to know everything , especially your business. As for me, I have MS, which I live with, but it sure has taught me a lot about friends. Every so often I get fed up with some of my supposed friends, then I say to myself ,Time to find some new friends. Meeting new people ,proper people does have its rewards.
@ 1, yes situations will tell a true friend, I have my friends which will probably side with me and he has friends that I am sure will side with him.

My problem is with the friends that has been with the family for so many years. and side with one or the other.

One of our so called friends went to my mothers house the other day, trying in a deceiving way to get info. this friend has not visited my mother in years and my mother would not go there with them laugh she knew what was up with that.
Please feel free to vent, we need each other when these things happen and I'm thinking,as a mother, about your Mother. She will forgive him ,if the rest of the family can not.

You are a good son.hug This brightens her day.
Fortunately a woman's heart is very ..I can't find the words.Humble.
Hi Ash wave yes she will forgive him I believe that also. she is so hurt over this and told me the other day that I just don't know how it feels to be betrayed by your own son, and all I could say was no I can only imagine.

For her sake I do hope they can make peace and be a mother and son relationship, Maybe time can heal.

Thank you hug
Hi Wen hug

Don´t be sorry, it´s not all about )/)(/(%/%)( here....sometimes, venting is what we need....Sorry to hear about your bro and those "friends"....can´t say don´t know what you are talking about moping ..... Keep an extra eye on your mum :)

Hi Cachuchi wave My favorite Damsel not in distress. you hit the nail on the head, all my focus is on my mother. she lost her husband my step father in May and then to discover all this.

She is 89 and now lives alone, I spend a lot of time there with her,i take her places she needs to go and on Sunday morning I take her to Church and she really loves that.

Thank you for the point on my mother hug
Nothing quite like a family member betraying you - and they are always so indignant and offended when found out. I lost friends too when my brother did the dirty - but so did he. I hope your mother and brother are reconciled because that will matter more to her than the money, but it is crappy. hug
Someone like you shouldn't be related to someone like him! wine
Hi Biff. wave you said a lot when you said they got caught. I was just recently telling my good brother that this didn't just happen and for some time they was family acting knowing what they have done.

Yes for my mother's sake I hope they can.

Thanks. hug
Hi Scoobler,. wave thanks for your comment. And you are right. cheers
Hello Wen wave
and if you don't mind me saying, he should be put up against the wall and shot.. and them that side with him deserve a public flogging thumbs down
Hi itchy. wave we would have never dreamed he and his family would have done this. Was just telling my mother this morning before going to Church we need to put this a side and let's move on,. But she will never do this she has been truely hurt.

Thanks itchy. hug
I know just what you mean. My sister and her husband tried to seize my mother's estate when she fell ill with cancer. She refused, then they tried to start a vendetta against me, since my mother told me she wanted me to be her power of attorney. They then left in a rage and my sister passed 3 years after my mother, never having attempted to make amends. She had to go to her grave with all her hateful actions against the family. People need to know that they need to get their life right without being hurtful and hateful... for it is crimes against those who are closest which hurt the most, and we can be called by the Creator at any time.. life really is too short to be abusing and spreading bad Karma! handshake
Hi Java wave Thank you for your comment, and sorry you had to go through this situation. It was by luck we found all this out and but since finding out was able to fix it, me and my brother are now power of attorney and she has made out a will.

The sad thing is how it has really hurt my mother, and she is 89 and I have noticed how her health has been going down.
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