If this is you, it's time to have a rethink.

When the only person you are fooling is yourself, perhaps it's time to reassess your position, before you're left without a leg to stand on.

Disclaimer. This blog is not aimed at any CS member, and particularly not anyone with strange views concerning masculinity or the "feminisation" of men.

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I´m so good at fooling people that if I was fooling myself I wouldn´t even know about it
Interesting hypothesis Herb. uh oh

When I talk to people (during work or personal), when they´re doing their upmost to convince me they are right, or justify themselves about a certain behaviour, I listen for a while then I ask:
"Who are you trying to convince? Me? or Yourself"???
Then they become speechless. hmmm
Har, people often aren't very self-aware.
Or have an over-exaggerated sense of self-importance.

Even if lots of people point out the same thing to them, they will just think lots of people are wrong.
Howdy Harbal hug
Hope it is not bucketing rain as it was in the East of Ireland [Dublin, where I live ] yesterday , today, and since last August.
I have nothing to add really [that makes a change]
I would agree totally with what Daniela has said and it is a good line to use.
Also what Molly said, very well put.
Hello Goldie - hope you´re having a nice Sunday in your "sunny Ireland"?
Here´s for you...bouquet cool
Bnaughty, I'm going to take your word that you're good at fooling people and trust that you're not fooling me. Or are you? confused
You're right, molly, people aren't good at seeing themselves as others see them. I'm actually grateful for that, I don't think I could handle seeing myself through the eyes of others.
Hi again Harbal ~ Daniela ~ You would just love the dark grey skies, I could swear it is sleet. All my flowers are like sad pieces of gungy gluey ..... no birdsong, incessant grey, have side light on here as I type. It is like this for weeks and weks, now getting heavier as I type, can hear it on the roof.
Hard to get in a good hours walk daily with this type of weather.

I think life must be great for you all [the CS crew] who live in various parts of Spain and I really admire Biff for upping sticks. Take care, and thanks for flowers, I won't be needing the sunglasses.doh
Herb.. Don´t worry about that naughty guy in Malaga, he´s harmless. innocent
I'm not often speechless, daniela, but I think I would attract far less trouble if I could manage it now and then.
Harbal ~ laugh Me neither. What is that old saying ? Those who listen in, never hear good of themselves, or words to that effect.hug
Hi, GG, it was a fine day here yesterday and today isn't looking too bad, either. But, of course, the Sun is always shinning when you are around. hug
B, most of us are fooling ourselves.

H, definitely couldn't cope with how others see me. Bad enough when the wee scrote used to insist on providing feedback roll eyes

Fortunately I know I am clear-headed, realistic, and astonishingly gorgeous into the bargain. Also only 30 years old. Phew.

Harbal ~ you old charmer you. old blue eyes. Don't forget, I will be visiting you. Don't worry I will be buying the food.Walking the Dog, cool
Some people will always dislike you Harb. That's just a fact of life, you can try and be nice, you can react to their words but they just don't like you and that's OK.
Try not to retaliate and all will be well. Be happy and enjoy your day Harbal. Take Beag for a walk [my Irish name for him] GG
Harbal ~ That should have read Some people will never like us. It can be all sorts of reasons, you remind them of soembody, you come across in someway they perceive as being nasty, they take things you have written, up the wrong way. They are jealous of you. The list is endless, either way tiz better to be courteous, and if you feel better, just ignore. Have a nice day Harbal.
Biff ~ Now that is a great way of thinking, could you give classes in Spain on that, weekly or weekend workshops. I want to be gorgeous and even 45 would be great.laugh
The subtle art of delusion and how to live a joyful life in myopia ? typing typing typing
Biff? Are you 30? wow

I have to say you look very young for your age.

I'd have put you at around 27 batting
Biff ~ och,, you're a wee Braw. rose
GG, my conflicts don't stem from people taking what I say the wrong way, it's when they take them the right way that the trouble begins. dancing
Harbal ~ Yes, and sometimes you don't know who you're talking to as many are faceless, and have been here in previous lives hug
Hi Harbal, I don't think I have to fool myself I know when I am full of _ _ _ _ laugh

I would hate if everyone thought just like me and always agreed with me, I would have no one to argue with. conversing
Hi, wen, this blog isn't in any way about people like you, you're a lovely guy. wine

Some people don't fit into the world as it is and think it's the world's responsibility to adapt to them. It doesn't work like that.
Harbal ~ Yes, and sometimes you don't know who you're talking to as many are faceless, and have been here in previous lives hug
Harbal I agree we should not have to adapt to anyone's way of thinking. I believe if we do this we are loosing a part of our self.

Good blog thumbs up
wenever ~ wouldn't life be boring, if we never disagreed, all had the same views and beliefs and religions, and seual identity, taste, class, colour .... and so on and so forth.hug
Hi GG, yes I believe it would be boring. we would never have anything to say, and that would be terrible. hug
wave Harbal,
Only fools fool the foolish...rolling on the floor laughing
titsy, I prefer to disagree with you about that. To do otherwise would leave me in an uncomfortable position. wine
Sorry Harb just popping in here to say hello to Titsy, how do lady long time no see wave
hope you're keeping well?

And since I'm here, hello to you also Harb wave hug
That's okay, itchy, you girls just carry on, don't mind me. wave
Haeb, as if wink

I suppose that could be me in the video hole
but rethinking never changes who and how I am... so unfortunately I'm stuck with me I guess sigh
Just curious. How do people know they are fooling themselves? Wouldn't that require a level of self-awareness that many don't have? If they're fooling themselves, chances are, they have no clue that they aren't fooling you as well.

I guess if people lie to themselves often enough, in their mind, it becomes fact or truth. There's no way you could convince them otherwise. dunno
The monty python video is excellent. lol, all talk and no action. doh
before you're left without a leg to stand on.

and missing your right arm. rolling on the floor laughing

The program won't allow your quote.confused
Exactly, LadyImp. The purpose of this blog is to bring to their attention something they would otherwise be unaware of.
Yes, Keepers, all talk and no action sums it up.
Itchy, I don't have a problem with you being you, your limbs are safe. hug
Fooling themselves I would think is the same as denial and which is what so many do. I agree with Imp on the self-awareness, which I assume not a whole lot of people practice.
Ladyimp...people don't usually know they're fooling themselves as they're not doing it consciously.
It's part of their "shadows" which are burrried deep in the subconscious.

They only know when they're made aware of it and then...only then...can they do something about it if they're prepared to do the work.uh oh
daniela - the problem is, most people won't accept it if it's pointed out. The only time people change is when their current situation isn't working for them any longer, and they are unhappy with life in general. However, if they are happy with their life, the chances of change are minimal.

It's like being in a relationship and saying, we're having problems, let's go to counselling and your partner says I don't have a problem, you go. So even if something is pointed out to them, their denial is so strong they refuse to accept or acknowledge it.

Best course of action, imo - just walk away from them. lol.

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