(Troll) Trouble Brewing?

I'm Taking The Unorthodox Step Of Posting My Final Comment At The BEGINNING of this renamed blog...


Shall we begin by defining our subject?
We shall.

"In Internet slang, a troll (/tro?l, tr?l/) is a person who SOWS DISCORD* on the Internet by starting quarrels or upsetting people, by POSTING INFLAMMATORY*, extraneous, or OFF-TOPIC MESSAGES* in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or BLOG*) with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or otherwise DISRUPTING NORMAL, ON-TOPIC DISCUSSION , OFTEN FOR THE TROLL'S AMUSEMENT*."
- Wikipedia (*emphasis mine, Mic)

I submit to the gentle reader (and any other interested parties) that what follows below the horizontal line is not the perfect picture of a trolled blog.
And if so, how said trolling was instigated, enabled & accomplished in the astonishingly short span of a very few comments.

The original title is included. The blog appears in its entirety below the line.
No comments have been deleted for the sake of brevity.
The 2nd blog referred to in one of my comments may viewed @ miclee blogs - Coffee Talk


Trouble Brewing?
Do You Have Difficulty Making Good Coffee?

This blog is not about coffee. Or tea. Or beer.
I got that out there so y'all won't have to make puns in the comments.
Considerate of me, no? batting

It has to do with the timing of certain current events...

1) Israeli F-35s overflew locations in Syria & Iran undetected, including the site of Iran's alleged nuclear goings on.

2) Netanyahu spoke about Iran's alleged nuclear aspirations - (Casus Belli dunno )

3) The U.S. backed out of the Iran nuke deal & announces strict sanctions.

4) Iranian missiles were allegedly launched into Israel from Syria.

5) Israel launched the largest air strike in Syria since the '73 war.

6) Israel will celebrate its 70th anniversary of becoming a nation on Monday.

7) And the U.S. will open it's embassy in Jerusalem.

8) Ramadan (and presumably the attendant annual spike in terrorist attacks) begins on Wednesday.

Is it just me?
Or does anyone else see any potential problems here?

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Comments (16)

Trouble has always been brewing in the middle east. It's high time it got dealt with once and for all. Israel is a fact of life....she is not going away.
The Palestinians need to accept this unwanted reality. Iran needs to understand that when you are a ferret you ought to not provoke the bear. It is time to deal with all of it rather than allow it to fester on and on.

The U.S. has tried to lead by diplomacy and generosity and it has failed. Now she wants to lead by power. Why not?.......Nothing else has worked thus far.
It seems to be trending that way...

"The business of a soldier is to fight.  Armies are not called out to dig trenches, to throw up breastworks, and live in camps, but to find the enemy, and strike him; to invade his country, and do him all possible damage in the shortest possible time…but such a war would of necessity, be of brief continuance, and so would be an economy of property and life in the end.  To move swiftly, strike vigorously, and secure all the fruits of victory, is the secret of successful war."
- Gen. T. J. Jackson CSA

Hadn't thought about it before...
It's as if Stonewall Jackson laid the battle plan for Sherman's Georgia Campaign.

And also for what might be looming in the near future of Iran.

I'm just disappointed the blog isn't about coffee.
"There he was standing like a stone wall".(lots of Jacksons in American history huh?) ....So you are a Civil War buff? We could have some interesting discussions in the future on that topic.wave
Har, me too moping
I'm with Harb. Coffee, I can control. Everything else is madness, MADNESS I tell you.

I'd better go shopping and stock up with apocalyptic food. sigh
2018...The Bible Says This is Exactly How it Would Look Before the End
Molly, Biff, let's have a coffee party. cheering

String, you can come too, just don't bring your damned Bible.
coffee have cup, will travel. You providing cake? flirty
Since some folks couldn't take a not so subtle hint...
I create ya your VERY OWN COFFEE BLOG happy place
wave...gotta go

I'm bein' all Joe Considerate here!

hey harb
I don't like coffee, I don't like tea
so don't bother to invite me.grin
Okay, string, if coffee's not viable
just stay at home and read your Biable
I don't drink coffee either

But I love making it, and I'll bake a cake too gift
No difficulty at all making good coffee... tongue
9) the russians wants a freetrade deal with Iran....

uh oh
We pause these comments while your himble OP puts together a few final observations.
AutumnChild: "''Echo Of Hope''"(meet us in the poems)

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