Where have all the young ones gone?

Where are all the 18 to 30 year olds like me gone? Have the old timers scared them away with their gloomy brand of blogging and don´t have fun I´m a miserable tosser attitude? Please don´t call as the competition has closed and you may still be charged.scold

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The young ones are busy enjoying life and getting laid...you got left behinddoh rolling on the floor laughing
Well I may have to have a midlife crisis and get down with the kids again!banana head banger
Hopefully shagging senseless
BN 'Getting down with the kids' I don't think so, if you arrived at a party they'd think somebodies Dad had come for them.laugh
The young people are all out doing graffiti on trains and stabbing grannies.
I guess they're out living life where us old people should be......dunno
they all like you grew up and stopped being 18 to 30. Life's a b1tch, son, don't you dare have fun or us miserable old tossers will have to set you right.

Perception is a funny thing, seems to me whenever I see a moaning miserable blog it is written by a youngster, youth's just wasted on you lot laugh

B, sweetie, the only comfort I can offer is that you're having your midlife crisis and things do get wayyyyy better. Carpe diem when they do, no hanging round the corner blogs moaning, get out there and make hay while the sun shines. .Then come back when you're worn out and tell the next generation all about it, and moan that all the old ones who would have enjoyed it have croaked, while the next generation will write blogs about old hasbeens

Circle of life.

urghh...blues I was accually still young when I first stumbeled into this site...uh oh

Biff, youre right, I used to do a LOT of complaining blogs before.... hehehe...grin
Naughty, I am not young, but yet to adopt the miserable tosser attitude.

Why you sound miserable honey?comfort
Usha, I´m happy now that you have brightened up my blogsmitten smitten
BNaughty ~ What about compromise? You can't turn the clock back. What about the Golf Club,
surely there is somebody there who you fancy.... just a little.
The only way you will get a 'chick' is if you spend lots of money, young people want young people and 'thems the facts'
I wish you luck anywaysad flower
GG, I was asking where the young ones had gone from the blogs. My house is full of them, I might take one out of the cellar in a minute actually
Warm the oven first or the crackling wont be right.
Yes, and a good basting too!
I'll pass if you've been using your turkey baster again thanks.
That´s a shame, I thought we could roast a 17 year old vintage that I picked up in the industrial estate
I think the larger breeds only live 10 or so years, and I dont like small white fluffy dogs.
Hey...que te pasa???? confused

The "young ones" are all gone with the "old..er" ones to learn a few tricks...and some wisdom.professor
BNaughty ~your house is full of them.uh oh Have you got them stacked in the freezer?
What is your handicap?
Having fun under the sheets.

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