Treating your partner like their the last person on earth

Ladies and gentlemen how would or how do you treat and adore your better halfteddybear

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If I ever have a partner I will let you know.
I tend to spoil him :) surprises here and there, treat him to dinner at romantic places sometime, weekend getaway, love notes, take care of him.
Short and right to the point.I treat people the very same as they treat me.
I treat my partner with care and thoughtfulness and respect.
If they were the last person on earth, I would not be on earth and thus, wouldn't be able to treat them at all. laugh
I'd treat him like I treat my dogs hmmm
I treat my Arty rather shabbily.....blues
Why do I gotta treat a partner, why dont she treat me instead. You know equality of the weaker sex and all that crap.
I see why some people are single now lol
Trucker16 Not that I need to explain anything to a complete stranger who knows nothing about why some people just happen to be single.I was married for over 30 years and treated my late husband well.I didn't become a widow out of choice.

So until you actually know why people are actually single don't make assumptions.
Bear hug bouquet

Why do some people think being single is a bad thing?

I intend to date but not in the sense of getting involved to spend the rest of my life with them.. Go out have fun there are plenty of guys who aren't wanting to settle down I will just look at these dates as a bunch of friends to kick back with.

I may as well get out there do it I'm affiliated with two sites I have a shit load of offers so it's not like I have to put myself on craigslist

I will bring my friends with me to make sure they're normal laugh

I've seen single people make funny comments all the time in regards to themselves being single and see nothing negative about it.Maybe they have a good reason of why they joke about it.I'm not going to make a guess of why cause every situation is totally different.Some people make it appear as if some single people are somehow weird or something.Maybe being married isn't for them.I don't know.Things that don't directly affect my own life I've never worried about it anyway.Live and let live.
Well, I have been married twice and divorced twice. All this means is that I'm a slow learner. . . . . laugh
Like he's invisible since I don't have a partner......cowboy
Hey Mercedes. wave

If people learned to truly like themselves, life wouldn't be as bad as the OP makes out. peace
People don't take me wrong I commented on a person post trying to be sarcastic lol Mrs.Bear
Trucker16 you posted this.
Quote/People don't take me wrong I commented on a person post trying to be sarcastic lol Mrs.Bear/quote.

@Trucker16 I read the comments and didn't read where you posted to any particular poster or any particular post.
I don't go by Mrs anymore.
Treat her with respect, be a good listener and show concern, compliment her and give unexpected kisses, remind her of your feelings towards her, if she is a down to earth lady, its the small things put into a relationship a woman appreciates.
I definitely would not treat him like he is the last person on earth , but i would treat him like i want to be treated .
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