Who is Here From Matchdoctor?

I thought it was pretty sneaky of them to pretend they were wanting to improve the site, then suddenly disappear. scold

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devil was on Match Doctor for ever such a rip off I agree with you head banger
Yo !
Looks to me like they had to clean out their garbage before handing the rest of us over to another site.
I figure they were online more while in the process of selling the site so that drac's disgusting blogs were eliminated before the new owners could either see them or at least knew they were on top of the vermin.

I don't blame them for selling it, it wasn't worth them having to monitor the likes of the cretin and poms spamming everywhere. With so few people online there, I doubt even the advertising was worth it for them.

And if they'd informed us? Then what? They're under no obligation to tell us they were selling it. It's not like we paid to be there.

I certainly do not miss drac's filthy blogs, or poms spamming. thumbs down
Andrea she is on here.
Willy - I know, except she was booted awhile back. I imagine with MD closed, she'll be back here. barf
Greetings to all you refugees

Hope you don't turn this site into "streets of new York"

Remember what happened to the "dead rabbits"

uh oh banana moping
.... refugees rolling on the floor laughing

I think CS needs a wall. rolling on the floor laughing
Bloody stop talking and keep handing me those bricks this walk won't build itself...frustrated
Wall I said wall
Now stop laughing and work harder

Gummybears don't grow on trees

MatchDoctor... confused hmmm

What else to say say but what's up doc bunny

Sorry me bad but I couldn't resist ....
time now to pop back down in me ole hole
I'm from MD and was there under a different name. I was a member here on CS for years quite a long time ago. Then sort of drifted away and found that my original profile was no longer available so I signed up again a few months back under the current profile name.
Wow what a way to start a blog. Wall did you say OB?
Hi Texasgirl, I'm here now too. I think this site is monitored a little better so we won't have to put up with the bitter.

It was sneaky of them not to give a heads up but that is the way it goes.
Me too, same name though. Didn't see any point to changing it. The blogs here are better for the most part.
Kornbluth (Exvabond) here. I got booted a week ago. Gawd knows for what. Perhaps for reporting too many scammers? Or maybe that theoretical rogue robot that was culling members at random last year? But skimming the replies here, do I gather that MD is gone?? Poof, just like that? What happened?
Kornbluth - Drac went nuts the last few days. On the last day The owner was in the blogs and Drac spammed him over 110 times. He got kicked 4 or 5 times on the last day and even posted a link to a Fake Email Generator. All of a sudden it became Driendfinder. My last name there was Levidopa. Willt3411 was my first name there.
"Looks to me like they had to clean out their garbage before handing the rest of us over to another site"

Well, my completely-legit scam & abuse reports must have made a noticeable pile. Maybe that's why one day last week I woke up to a cancellation notice rather than a FriendFinder page. Spiteful barstids. I've been at CS for a few months, and the volume of scammers is NOTHING compared to MD. I'll be casting about for a new obsession.
Hpyldy (Ilgal) will be here in about a week. She signed up and told her it would be a 7 day wait before she can post anything.
I noticed the other day I didn't mention my MD name and since my name is so different from what it was it will be hard to figure out . I've been trying to e-mail people and let them know who I am but it will be much easier on me to make a post in this thread because I'm sure people will be reading it. I'm the former dixiepixie. It's good to see everyone.
Datehook up was the same way.lots of scammers and trolls.one morning there was a three week notice then poof they shut down.
Datehookup is gone too???
If anybody is in contact with Cookie, Eastham, Chat, Ttom and a few other sane regulars, you might want to invite them in.
Yes, Date Hookup shut down a couple of months ago. Date Hookup was sold to Match.com I think a year or so before it shut down. From the time it was purchased by Match.com anyone who signed up for Date Hookup was led to believe they would join Date Hookup, but mixed in the fine print people were told that signing up for Date Hookup would make them members of other affiliated sites.

There were online complaints at various complaint sites that people who went to Date Hookup and signed up were not given Date Hookup memberships and had no access to the Date Hookup site. Their membership actually went to Match.com. Eventually Date Hookup shut down as BlueSky60 stated. It was nice though that Date Hookup gave people a warning of the exact date the site would be closed.
"Any Of Us That Are Not From There?"

"Could Tell You In An Instant"......................detective
Kornbluth I will text Chat and tell ttom when he calls.
"There Was An "Elvin Smitten"

"Who Showed Up At Around Your Former Site Crashed"

"I Hope He Wasnt Representative"

"Of All Of YouThat Are Here Now"............................detective
Smokenstein, I mean Smok3nstein, I MEAN Smokenst3in here!

The old site had been swirling around the bowl for some time, and the Mod(s) hadn't cared for quite some time,
Im here from the bla bla bla.....oh and dh too......cheering
Does anyone know how to reach DR? We need him!

There are others, too. We need a chain reaction of contacting whoever we can.
I'm here for free protein shakes
cheering We're being invaded by homeless dating site people rolling on the floor laughing Chucked out of many other sites from my readings of their comments uh oh Miss Merc. Are you still looking for protein shakes rolling on the floor laughing blushing ( scold ing myself ) rolling on the floor laughing
Most of us refugees were decent bloggers on MD that had to put up with the few indecent malcontents but like they say one bad apple can spoil a barrel.

Hopefully the mean ones won't know to come here.
Quite, TG. Didn't even know of MD, unless it's the one so hotly advertised. Yes, CS is much better, even though, and only perhaps, the crowd here, not having to pay anything, is quite different in some, hardly all good, ways. Met my share of scammers ---fakers on both sites. And only went with that other rip off one as part of a special offer. CS set up is much better. And the psychological input here is also superior, and doesn't seem to be commercially biased. Of course, the secret on all sites is to chat a good deal so as to get to vet real possibilities.
And just by way of BTW, the "doctors" on such other sites are typically never real doctors.
If matchdoctor was shut down, it was probably because all the people were retards and had no money. So, I'm wondering exactly what they're bringing to this site and if we really need them anyway.
Call me too much of a suspicious big monkey...

But do I get the whiff of sabotage in the air? confused

uh oh
So just how many people did the doctor match?.......confused

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