Cringe Worthy

Do you ever read a blog and actually cringe? Maybe even feel the bile rise in your throat?

I have read a few....ones where someone, in my mind, is kind of icky boasting about their s*xual prowess for instance. Or ones where someone writes as an authority but it is evident they are ignorant or crazy?

I appreciate you bloggers who make me laugh and who give me glimpses into your lives. The ones that cause those wtf moments?.....not so much

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Bunny, there`s no room for the truth in the virtuel space grin
Hi Gypsy, love the hat. I don't post many blogs but do comment often. Hope I bring a laugh and show a little of who I am.

I do see what you are saying. thumbs up

V's WTF moment

Yeah it's a weasel
Thanks, Wen! I put a fake bird on it to add some chic style grin
Limun, you might be right sigh
Lol! Is V the gay man or the sex promiser in this scenario? rolling on the floor laughing
I agree with Limun and I regret I came here as me and not some imaginary persona. laugh

But, it's too late now. blues

I would have to steal someone's photo from the internet for that, since I cannot use mine any more and then chatillion will search for my photo with that illegal software he uses for catching scammers and report me to CS and fun will be over. sigh
That would depend who comes out of the closet first

wink banana wink
Which blogs?

Te, you just have to take a pic of some random person lol. I’m here as me, too. sigh
Kal, rolling on the floor laughing I’ll never tell. Might give butt hurt if I do devil

Nice to see you back blogging again. hug
Thanks, Kal! I will try to not make you cringe
Now when I think about it...

It's not so easy to make a complete fake personality, isn't it? confused

There are so many details you have to think about...

It's best to mix truth with lies, but - that ship has sailed. sigh
Yup one who makes me sick/cringe/laugh out loud AT them.

One who I wanna hug.
One i wanna go drinking with.
A hot one
A silly funny one.
One who I can't wait for everyday.
One who is wise
One who is someone I'd love to visit.

Yup they are all there.
Just seeing your face makes me cringe and I'm sure you'll say the same.
Meow, need a saucer of milk, Phyllis?

Welcome back, last some common sense! wave
You've never made me cringe. handshake
Un, no but thank you. Our milk is loaded with unnecessary chemicals that Europe refuses to get imported. Or so I heard.

I know what you mean, though. Nice to have you back posting again Un. Believe it or not, I always read your posts.
Well done, Europe...our milk is superb.

A saucer of cream then? That's what cats drink, isn't it?
Anything Un, I'm sure being a cat isn't bad.
*slides saucer of cream over*

cats meow
Cat fight cat fight cat fight
Wow I can cut the tension with a butter knife

rolling on the floor laughing
No tension here, Blue dunno
I'm waiting Un. I sure can use some.
Waiting for what? confused
rolling on the floor laughing wow! Lindsy, honestly, you are not one who makes me cringe. But now that you’ve thrown down the gauntlet....lmao

You have a nice day, now. dunno

Nice Photo! Looks Great!................................thumbs up
Un! dancing so good to see you! You are so funny.

I think the cat reference went right over Linds head laugh
Deedee, so true! I love the funsters most!smitten
Angel, how sweet of you to say so! hug

Thanks for dropping by my goofy blog grin
I reckon you're right laugh A big cringey, no? laugh
Well nice to know Gypsy. My bad. crying
Crest, I kinda wish Linds was more of a worthy opponent devil
For a good saucer of cream. I thought you were giving me some.

I'd love to have some. Did I get it wrong?

I just had / have a few minutes to look at the blogs. And leaving home again pretty soon.

Oh Linds, no worries. I loathe your political views but think you are A okay handshake
I'm sorry disappoint you Gypsy. I'm not in your league.
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