I just saw an article about a woman who makes $80 per hour for cuddling. I could do that job. I would have to add an additional fee for cuddling folks with bad breath or BO though.

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I'm sure you'd be offering me money once we've cuddled.. wink

Sorry.. couldn't resist.. laugh

Interesting idea though.. give it a shot! thumbs up
I read that news. The woman is lying. She just doesn't want the world to know she's a prostitute. It's just like when they started using the "escort" label. Oldest profession, new name. I can't believe you fell for it, or did you? Would you do like a full service hug for 80?

You have a typo, ** should read OB not "BO".
Hello lovely Gypsy!

And mmm - I can't help but think in this touchy feely world where you are practically expected to hug the bus driver for stopping that those who can't get cuddles any other way might not be very lovely.

I might be up for cuddling babies, as long as someone else has thoroughly burped them first?

hug (on the house)
(oh, have another) hug
Only a woman would feel her hug is worth 80!

I bet she can't find a man!
Welcome back, Gypsy! cheering

Want a partner? We could be Cuddles Inc and make a flippin fortune!
Un, if you and Gypsy offered double cuddles you could more than double the price, at a guess grin
Bulk purchasing is always cheaper Biff.. grin
I reckon so, Biff....we could give a discount to those without BO and bad breath, maybe? barf
UN, maybe make GT the CFOcomfort

You should charge MORE for the stinky people!
Hi Gypsy
That's funny. laugh
Hmm.. when it comes to making money, you should hide that information from AngelP. She will definitely tax you extra. giggle

Glad to see you back..! hug wine
Those hugs that are like burping a baby are not hugs at all, Biff! lol

I would venture to say that people who think others who find value in non-s*xual touch, as folks who must be lonely or insincere, are the ones who are most out of touch with the value of human contact.

As an ex-massage therapist, I remember the accusation that massage was just a cover for prostitution....until the mainstream medical community found scientific evidence of the health benefits of massage.

I wonder how separate and divisive we all could be if we actually took time to connect physically with each other in ways other than sexually.

I also wonder why babies fail to thrive if they are deprived of nurturing touch but grown humans seem to think they have no use for it.

I am not really planning on cuddling for a living, but I think it's an interesting idea.
I'd do it for free! hug hug hug

Many people need hugs and cuddles and I think it would be a good idea to do that in the streets...
We could have a "Cuddle & hugs" Day?
Unloised, we would be too much for men if we double teamed them. They would probably end up sobbing helplessly in our angel vibes. angel angel angel

We would have to make sure to get accurate intake information so as to not completely overwhelm the poor deprived sots. cheers
Actually, Gypsy, there's tremendous value in hugging and/or cuddling. It's hugely healing and undervalued, IMO
Unlaoised, I always spell your name wrong. lol I guess I will call you Un from now on. Easier on my vowel resistant brain. laugh laugh
Un, I completely and utterly agree with you..heart wings
I think lots of people are starved of human touch

So it isn't a wonder that they are willing to pay for cuddles.

Sad though.
Just read your comment Gypsy after writing mine and I completely agree with what you say.
Many have lost touch with physical contact.

I am a hugger and I do it all the time with my friends but many people aren't so lucky.
Daniela, I love to give and receive hugs! Some people hate to be touched. It's interesting to be a hugger who has to withhold a good nurturing hug because the person is phobic about it. frustrated sad flower
I know there are "heath benefits to massage". You're preaching to the choir! We just need our courage and some $$ to experience it!

(Gypsy, that's why we all do, Un's name is the very devil devil )
I suspect you're right about us being too much for would be pretty funny watching it, though? laugh
"Un" is just fine, ladies very happy
Molly, Yes! It is sad. It's interesting that someone has come up with an idea to capitalize on that need. I wonder if hugs for money feel the same as hugs for free. :)
*puts hand up* I'm not crazy about being cuddled. In fact unless I'm in a relationship with someone I don't much like being touched, I dread gatherings where everyone hugs everyone else in greeting sigh

It does mean when I'm in a relationship I'm closer than a corn plaster, catching up on all the abstinence laugh
A word of caution for any savy eager business minded ladies. Women think of hugs, men think of f*ck. doh
Nathan, you are obsessed with the needs of your dingle dangle. It's not healthy, man. laugh
I got $80. I got you to myself for 1 hour tongue grin
Welcome back GT. Missed ya handshake

I have to resist the urge to cuddle my Chinese neighbour's kid to death. She's 5ish and IMPOSSIBLY cute.
I can see how rent-a-hug could be a business.

Also, full disclosure: I may have referred to you as 'pert' on one of Map's blogs recently, but it came from a place of admiration . angel uh oh
Biff, you would cringe at being near me then. laugh laugh

I am good at respecting space, but my massage fingers get so itchy! I feel this urge to rub a person's shoulders when they seem tense, or hug a person who seems stressed. My daughter doesn't really like to be hugged. She probably feels smothered by me. uh oh

I guess I better not use this hug emoticon when commenting to you, Biff. cheers
Doc! I've missed your wit. Pert when used in reference to a 50 something year old woman is quite quite fine, I assure you. laugh laugh
Track, you are my first customer!! Whoohoo!cheering
For a hug to be really effective and felt it has to come from the heart and not as a power exchange for money.
Well good.
If i remember rightly I was very complimentary on said blog re: the pertness of your wits , so you're welcome.
I would definitely want to be near you gypsy as I am a very tactile person. And I love massages and receiving.
UN, a man's d*ck defines him. Ask any lady.
I just can't do the touchy, feely stuff.....far too cold natured for that...
My brother is an evangelistic minister....and thats all way too expressive for me...totally out of my comfort zone....also hate the 3 kisses on the cheeks tradition, you are expected to endure....

I inherited my nature from my father and english grandmother....uh oh
"lesbians and liars, hugs not rubs"

Name for your business!
Baig, I think having a man on our cuddle squad would be a wonderful idea! You would have to tape your p*nis down so as to not scare off the female customers while you cuddle them, though. banana

Caly, the kissing thing is not something we do here much. I'm not sure I like people's spittle clinging to my cheeks, either.

And even hugs when exchanged with someone doused in perfume are off putting. I feel slimed when I smell that stuff for hours after being around that person.

Apparently, you and Biff will not be customers. handshake I love you both to bits anyway. purple heart
Nathan, that is way too long. roll eyes roll eyes
Claayer: "Thank you "(meet us in the ecards)

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