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Lilyhammer / Lillehammer7584May 2015Mar 20168 hrs ago
Are you a good lover?6,179185Jun 2015Aug 201511 hrs ago
Sex Tourism in Germany.6,304139Jun 2015Jul 20159 hrs ago
What's more important to you: pretty face or hot body3,512252Jun 2015Jul 2015Jun 20
Should special ed kids be in the same class with regular and gifted kids?95331Jun 2015Jun 2015Jun 15
All women are crazy2,573188May 2014Jun 201524 hrs ago
Scientologists, a terrorist organization42012Jun 2015Jun 2015Jun 20
The Voice3,132129May 2015May 2015Jun 20
Water Conservation; businesses exempt2,26285Mar 2015May 20158 hrs ago
Would you make a good politician?1,12346May 2015May 2015Jun 21
Castration for a longer life?3,114120Apr 2015Apr 201515 mins ago
Getting old(er) sucks!3,331122Apr 2015Apr 2015Jun 19
Country Music Help Needed1,44940Apr 2015Apr 20158 hrs ago
Tax Time1,41761Apr 2015Apr 201522 hrs ago
Headshots1,56657Apr 2015Apr 201559 mins ago
The future of social media3012Apr 2015Apr 2015Jun 21
Post a picture from where you live15,629249Oct 2014Mar 20153 hrs ago
Online Dating for people who aren't good writers2,98597Feb 2015Feb 2015Jun 16
Muslims killed at Duke University1,33839Feb 2015Feb 2015Jun 21
80s Throwback1,77757Jan 2015Feb 2015Jun 21
Love the sinner, hate the sin82823Feb 2015Feb 2015Jun 20
Being a good kisser2,94785Jan 2015Jan 2015Jun 16
Rerecordings of songs (Better or Worse)2220Jan 2015Jan 2015May 30
Heritage88333Jan 2015Jan 201520 hrs ago
Twerking1,87058Jan 2015Jan 2015Jun 20
Are hobbies of another person important to you?1,63370Jan 2015Jan 20156 hrs ago
Cancer and Pollution1,44534Jan 2015Jan 2015Jun 13
What foreign men think of American Women5,260174Jan 2015Jan 2015Jun 17
The Stress of looking for love2,41298Jan 2015Jan 2015Jun 21
Positions3,71298Jan 2015Jan 20154 hrs ago
Help me identify a piece of music pls57915Jan 2015Jan 20153 hrs ago
The life cycle of the "P". This is esp. for women...1,39045Jan 2015Jan 201543 mins ago
Global Internet Porn Habits1,79019Jan 2015Jan 2015Jun 20
When to say "I love you"2,78565Sep 2014Oct 201448 mins ago
Misunderstood Sarcasm1,98366Oct 2014Oct 201413 hrs ago
Need help with a youtube issue2874Oct 2014Oct 2014Jun 7
Born into the wrong epoch?1,20040Oct 2014Oct 2014Jun 17
The "Big 5" and their new world order1,44470Oct 2014Oct 201410 hrs ago
Is there a style of clothing that kills a date for you?4,031141Sep 2014Oct 201422 hrs ago
Would you pay for guaranteed privacy (email) or chat?1,03422Sep 2014Sep 201413 hrs ago
Atheists - most distrusted minority in the US1,67574Sep 2014Sep 20149 hrs ago
Weird Songs1,37859Sep 2014Sep 201424 hrs ago

This is a list of threads created by Nidifugous.

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