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what is the most annoying kids’ TV character? Pedantic Dora? Whinging Caillou? Psychedelic In the Ni6221Feb 2011Feb 2011Apr 16
Anyone every been on a good Chat Room85123Feb 2011Feb 2011Apr 8
Is yawning contagious.87639Jan 2011Jan 2011Mar 17
I'm Back .. ha ha39610Jan 2011Jan 2011Feb 25
When a Dog Bites a Child37010Jun 2010Jun 2010Apr 7
Why sex4,04382Oct 2009May 2010Apr 4
Sex5,757161Aug 2008Apr 2010Apr 13
Is the World going to end ..... of course.....2535Apr 2010Apr 2010Mar 20
Alright how many men do not wear85823Mar 2010Mar 2010Apr 9
Should a couple stay in a Relationship if they are always fighting.2,62243Jan 2010Feb 2010Mar 9
If The Guy Asked you1,24251Nov 2009Dec 2009Apr 5
Who Should Be First49519Nov 2009Nov 2009Apr 16
Please I Need Some Help43817Nov 2009Nov 2009Mar 30
Have you ever2815Nov 2009Nov 2009Apr 16
Look What Has Happened2608Oct 2009Oct 2009Apr 9
Sorry, but I am So Pissed Off75030Oct 2009Oct 2009Apr 3
Bored, Bored Is Anyone Else Bored92846Oct 2009Oct 2009Apr 6
Is It True2,719178Oct 2009Oct 2009Apr 10
Can Anyone Give me a Straight Answer About Adam and Eve2,35697Oct 2009Oct 2009Apr 14
Alright Lets Talk About It34711Oct 2009Oct 2009Apr 8
Need Help With A Computer Message I Keep Getting1,00226Oct 2009Oct 2009Mar 26
Gross Facts You May Have Never Wanted to Know8028Oct 2009Oct 2009Mar 2
What is considered over the hill.1,57861Oct 2009Oct 2009Apr 3
Thoughts For My Grand daughter73533Aug 2009Sep 2009Mar 9
What Would You Do2327Sep 2009Sep 2009Apr 4
What Do You Prefer?71334Sep 2009Sep 2009Mar 30
The Birds and the Bees, flowers and the tress60031Aug 2009Aug 2009Apr 16
Would a Man Admit2,430109Aug 2009Aug 2009Mar 26
The really, really pissed off thread72229Aug 2009Aug 2009Apr 14
Why the difference in the law?65227Aug 2009Aug 2009Mar 26
Found newborn mouse72016Aug 2009Aug 2009Mar 3
Should pot be legal64727Aug 2009Aug 2009Feb 28
Where did everyone go1,48875May 2009Aug 2009Apr 15
The dog keeps on licking me on my hands, do I need a cleaning?57924Aug 2009Aug 2009Apr 12
Do People Really Give a S***t.2,154104Jun 2009Aug 2009Apr 13
Black sheep of the Family1,17353Jun 2009Aug 2009Mar 31
This Proves That Men Do The Dumbest Things74427Jul 2009Jul 2009Apr 14
Man in a Wheelchair1,11743Jul 2009Jul 2009Apr 4
Hidden Sex2,58496Jul 2009Jul 2009Apr 11
Why do we say men are pigs43716Jun 2009Jun 2009Apr 7
Something is Wrong With Me70033Jun 2009Jun 2009Apr 14
Help needed in Mah Jong Quest 232913Jun 2009Jun 2009Apr 6

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