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Apologies97858Feb 144 hrs ago15 mins ago
What advice would you give your 13 year old self.1,274104Dec 23Feb 142 hrs ago
Whats been the highlight of your new year so far.1,202108Jan 5Feb 1437 mins ago
Who is ur celebrity crush??3,529335Dec 20Feb 101 hrs ago
Truth or Dare95781Feb 6Feb 73 hrs ago
Why do Men say they want relationships when all they want is sex????3,453143Aug 13Feb 21 hrs ago
Judging.1,36096Jan 27Jan 2911 mins ago
Personality2,065207Jan 20Jan 223 hrs ago
Say what u like!!1,90491Nov 28Jan 223 hrs ago
New year New changes62772Jan 13Jan 13Feb 16
Would you go on a date with the poster above you??53842Jan 8Jan 88 hrs ago
What are u hoping 2018 will bring?1,26071Nov 28Jan 413 hrs ago
Making friends27719Dec 29Dec 30Feb 15
Celebrating Christmas.92669Dec 17Dec 242 hrs ago
You have one question.93871Dec 21Dec 22Feb 17
New years resolutions862Dec 17Dec 17Feb 14
Funny Limericks2,358174Nov 5Dec 128 hrs ago
Why are some unlucky in love.1,20872Nov 26Nov 288 hrs ago
Define normal1,38787Nov 23Nov 24Feb 17
How much do u think u get things wrong on here....54234Nov 19Nov 20Feb 15
Trading Places1899Nov 20Nov 20Feb 16
Are happy people to be trusted.1,518100Nov 18Nov 207 hrs ago
What's on your mind??27117Nov 13Nov 1922 hrs ago
God like status.52724Nov 16Nov 1815 hrs ago
Do we ever change really.1,02071Nov 16Nov 1826 mins ago
What is your most embarrassing childhood memory???60646Nov 10Nov 1534 mins ago
If u were made...91775Nov 14Nov 14Feb 15
Who do u want to see return to the forums!!3,253206Nov 11Nov 1317 hrs ago
Perfect pairs!!3,917204Nov 10Nov 12Feb 16
Why the hate??3,173180Nov 5Nov 614 mins ago
What would u like to get off ur chest..1,777134Oct 31Nov 510 hrs ago
I believe61632Oct 31Nov 4Feb 16
What is ur life motto or indeed favourite quote to live by?..........2,389198Oct 7Nov 219 hrs ago
Which nationality makes the best lovers??3,737247Oct 25Oct 316 hrs ago
Last wish??18413Oct 27Oct 27Feb 14
Are times changing76051Oct 22Oct 24Feb 16
What have I missed??34326Oct 22Oct 22Feb 13
This is for Galrads!!25013Oct 17Oct 19Feb 17
Misconceptions!!2137Oct 17Oct 17Feb 7
Halloween costume.31911Oct 15Oct 16Feb 17
Weekend plans41424Oct 13Oct 16Feb 16
Missing Anna!!86559Oct 14Oct 1511 hrs ago

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